Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Episode 294: Forgotten Childhood Movies (ft Gina Grad)

In one of the greatest "Gets" in The Deucecast Movie Show history, Dave & Mikey & Pinky invite in Gina Grad, co-host of 100.3 The Sound in LA, and "news chicks" from The Adam Carolla Show.

First up, Gina gives her almost-spot-on and more comical-than-you-would-think Gwen Stefani impression, then the guys and Gina play a round of IMDb -- starting at the bottom of an actor or actress' IMDb body of work, each movie is called out from the beginning to the current day.

Including the possible first ever utterance of the name "Gregory Hines".

Then, everyone dives into the topic for the night, movies big in the guys' (and Gina's) childhood, but are never talked about... no "Ghostbusters" or "The Goonies" or "Star Wars"... but... movies that should "Fair is fair!"... movies that feed Dave's childhood crush on Nancy McKeon, in a movie that would be horrific today... bad dinosaur graphics... weird family relations in the attic... Sandy Duncan & the glass eye... movie poster artistry... and who does Gina call "an American treasure"?

Plus Troop Beverly Hills!
Meredith Salinger vs Jami Gertz!
Keep Forgettin' The Doobie Brothers!
Mary Gross & FEDs!!
The Michael J Fox oeuvre!
Gina Grad's Solarplexes!!
Vintage Dabney Coleman!!
And Gina shrieks over Scott Schwartz!!!

Oh, and "The Peanut Butter Solution".

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