Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Episode 286: These are More Confessions

These are our (more) confessions...

Mikey, Dave, and Pinky welcome in Friend of the Show, podcast host and Ohio chick extraordinaire Jennifer Kaufman to reveal all about their movie confessions, those things they don't want to tell anyone... until now.

First up, a solid round of Chronology, where the hosts (and guest!) pick a category and then have to put the films called out in release date order.

Then, it's the confession time...

The group talks about the problem with Johnny Depp... JK loves JLo... who is the Zac fan in the room... Mikey hates foreign films... Pinky hates Rogue One... Dave has a fine appreciate for Meryl Streep, yet has issues with her exposure... and Life of Brian.

Plus, Mikey hates old films and the church. Plus, what is your deserted island franchise??

And where do you start with the Bond series?  Mikey tells you where.

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