Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 276: The Mt Rushmore of Comedic Actors

In the continuing series of Mt Rushmore, Mikey, Dave & Pinky take on the best comedic actors for a chance to be memorialized into a rock face wall monument! 

First up, a quick round of Rotten Tomatoes Potpourri, with comedy films as the theme... including Pinky figuring out who "Uncle Buck" actually is.  Plus, a mention of a classic Wayans Brother's flick "Don't Be a Menace..." and the great cast and terrible movie that is "Nothing But Trouble"

Then onto the Rushmore inductions... John Candy and his comedic brilliance in his day... Pinky making a bold prediction about Steve Carell... Mikey loving tennis movies... the actor that reminds Dave of WWE's Braun Strowman... the 80s run of Eddie Murphy... love for "Peak Coke Chevy"... and Pinky's strange choice at the end...

Who are your favorite comedic actors?

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