Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Episode 267: The Mount Rushmore of That Girls

The Deuce Guys Dave, Mikey and Pinky have discussed their own personal Mount Rushmore of Actors (Ep 219)... Actresses (Ep 227)... Directors (Ep 241) and That Guys (Ep 250)... and to continue the series, they now turn their attention to the character actors of the fairer kind, the Mount Rushmore of That Girls!

The names you may or may not know of those lovely actresses who you see and say, "Oh, that's that girl who was in '13 Going on 30'!" or "That's that girl who was in 'The Fighter'!" or "That girl is Stifler's Mom!"

See if you can remember the choices we make... Hope Davis!  John Cusack's sister!  Cobie Smulders!  And after this year's Oscars, Dave's Marisa Tomei comment is even more prescient!

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