Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Episode 235: Summer Lovin'

It's hot outside, like walking through hot soup, but the podcast is cool enough to replace your AC.  Not sure what that means, but this episode is awesome, so whatever.

Mikey, Pinky & Dave bring in Terrence Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl, and on the Subway Fresh Take Hotline, it's The Delightful Life host and friend of the show Jennifer Kaufman, the girl with the voice so nice that she only comes on so the guys can hear her talk about anything.

First up, a round of IMDb, reading the list of films and naming the actors... including the not-famous-then but famous-now actor who played "Orderly".

Then, its the favorite Summer Films... films that are set in and around summer -- road trips and summer camps and sport camps and vacations and even possibly movies set the night of high school graduation (which technically is summer, even though it just started)

The political incorrectness of "Heavyweights"... Michael Ian Black & Bradley Cooper getting married... the Nancy McKeon summer film that Dave misses... the love of Lucy Deakins... who in the studio are the Rotten Tomato critics and who is the audience... a classic Nia Vardalos vacation film... Jennifer Kaufman's love of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"... and Dude Kaufman's love of the same... the difference in "American History X" and "American Graffiti" and which one is a better date movie... the brilliance of Jason Segel and the rapidity of Jesse Eisenberg... lamenting Lindsey Lohan... female reboots of all male classics... A Where Are They Now? with the cast of "Summer School"...

And if a film that takes place over the course of the fall, winter and spring, can you call it a "Summer Film"?  Jennifer Kaufman defends, while Dave gives her the facts.

And the love of "My Life in Ruins" and the audience who does love it.

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