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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Episode 208: The Comedy Confusion of the Crist

Once again, the Deucecast Movie Show blackmails talks a great guest into coming on the show!

First, Dave, Mikey & Pinky welcome in Friend of the Show, Terence Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl to toss out some Birthday Movies, those films that came out this month five, ten, twenty years ago!  Because you needed to know how old Jean Claude Van Damme's Lionheart actually is, we are there for you.

Then, we invite on the line nationally loved and adored comedian John Crist!  The guy behind the hilarious "Christian Girls Instagram" and "Christian Mingle Inspector" calls in to talk about... well, really to talk about Guilty Pleasure Comedies of the 2000s... unless you are Mikey, who did Legit Comedies of the 2000s... and unless you are Dr Earl, who did Comedies of the First 10 Years of the Century... and Pinky, who just showed up when he wanted to.

Either way... the guys dive into John Crist's career... his favorite comedians... his comedian crush... the legitimacy of comedies... crapping on the guest's point... the struggle that comedians face when telling jokes years ago and now... lots of Colton Dixon talk... and of course, a Mark Driscoll joke...

And of course, movies!  Black Dynamite... Pitch Perfect... Zoolander... Bench Warmers and more and more.

Then, in reverse order, a little Ryan Phillippe Game going on before the show ends!

Conan the Barbarian makes an appearance in Pretty in Pink, while Pinky gets assigned another classic.

Once again, its time for Valentine's Pink assignments!  Not only Dr Earl, but Friends of the Show Jennifer Kaufman and Remodeling Clay join it to give Pinky a few Valentine's movies to watch and review, including a lightheared romp from Dr Earl and a movie originally titled Monkey Heart.

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