Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Episode 202: Favorite Family Movies (ft Jennifer Kaufman!)

It's Christmas time and family is upon us as usual, meaning people everywhere, all over the house, getting all up in your way -- especially the kids.  So you need some safe movies to put on the TV for the children to watch, and we are here to help! And because we know you have a 1000 cartoons around, we make our list all non-animated.

Pinky, Mikey & d$ bring in the co-host of the Disney Nerds Podcast and the (sort of sometimes) host of the Delightful Life Podcast, Jennifer Kaufman!

After birthday movies (how old is Jumanji?!), Jennifer joins the guys for a spirited discussion on... Disney Bathrooms?  And Journey Into Imagination with Figment?  The secret of the pin board at the Pin Traders in Disney Springs?  Isn't this a movie show? What!?

A rousing round of Box Office Mojo gives us the lowdown on the biggest box office earners in 2015... then, we dive into The Good Dinosaur.

The group gives a great assortment of Non-Animated Family Films, including Muppet movies... The Santa Clause... The Goonies.. The Wizard of Oz... and a random appearance by Dr Earl helps the lists get even better! (The Descendants?!) 

Plus, are the Muppets irrelevant to the younger generation?  Great discussion.

Somewhere in there, you'll get a new level of the battle between "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas Vacation"... "Wicked" vs "The Wizard of Oz"... "The Wiz" vs "Dreamgirls"... how many kids Jennifer needs for a reality show... Mikey's daughter's strange crushes... Where Die Hard & Gremlins fall in the "Christmas Movie" listings... the wasted potential of Lindsay Lohan... and where Amy Adams & d$ finally got together.

And to wrap the show up, its the movie segment that is sweeping the nation, or at least our neighborhood where we broadcast, its Pretty in Pink, with a review of The Running Man!

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