Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Episode 178: Movie Musical Scenes feat. Paige Davis

The guys join together to talk about a topic that may be foreign to a couple of them... not just musical movies, but musical scenes from movies, whether its a musical or not. 

Not only do d$, Mikey and Pinky need to bring in some help, in the form of Nikki B and the resident Terrence Malick apologist and classic movie historian, Dr. Earl, but for this great topic, we needed to pull in the experts...

None other than Paige Davis herself, she of TV (Trading Spaces, OWN network), Broadway fame (Beauty & the Beast, Chicago), stage play (Dancing Lessons) and a great blogger and writer in her own right... Paige calls in to discuss all the music in movies fit to discuss.

The lists vary from High Fidelity's Jack Black and his Marvin Gaye impression to Ferris Bueller atop a float to Baby carrying a watermelon to Lloyd Dobler and his boombox... but lest we forget the older films too, like West Side Story, Meet Me In St. Louis, The Sound of Music, and Sister Act II: Back in the Habit? Seriously? 

Paige also shares great little stories of working with Eddie Redmayne onstage, being a back up dancer with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys and her issues with Les Miserables the movie.

And somehow, we manage a Pretty in Pink with Pinky discussing "The Last Unicorn". 

All in all, a great episode that we know you will love, whether you like musicals or not!

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