Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Episode 173: The All Time Top 100... #100 to 91

Really kicking off our year long series, d$, Pinky & Mikey begin the discussion of their favorite ALL TIME Movies.  The Deucecast Movie Show guys aim to count down 100 of them, ten at a time, starting here with #100.

Movies with baseball... time traveling cars... Catholicism... water parks... Legolas on a shield... Nic Cage doing funny hand moves... simple plans gone awry... and, Barton Fink.  Naturally.

You'll also find out answers to questions like, what iconic role was Sandra Bullock rejected for?  In what movie does d$ enjoy Angelina Jolie because she's not all Brad Pitty?  What Christmas movie does Mikey love and Pinky hate?  And vice versa?  And who decides to finally own the fact that "I love Erin Brockovich.  There, I said it."

These and more are discussed in this latest episode, giving you 30 films that you should see, if only because we love them so much.

And next week... the Annual Deucecast Movie Show Summer Preview!

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