Monday, March 9, 2015

Episode 162: The All Time Top 100 Prologue

Do you have a list of favorite films?  Have you ever written down your top films?  Your top 5?  Top 10?  Maybe top 25?  What about your Top 100 of All Time?

The Deucecast Movie Show hosts--Pinky, Mikey & d$--are doing just that.  After Pinky & Mikey spent a few months... and d$ spent a few years (no, seriously)... listing our favorite films of all time, a new series is beginning.  Every time the show tackles the Top 100, another ten will be released until the Top 10 favorite films of all time are known.

But first... the Prologue.  The 30 films--10 each--that just missed the cut by an ever so close margin... looking at what was almost in the Top 100, what barely, narrowly were edged out of that magical 100 mark. 

A Terminator movie just missed the cut... a big rig Patrick Swayze film didn't quite make it... Cary Grant running from a crop duster almost made it, but not quite... one big and one little monster and a cute little girl named Boo also just missed the 100... how did Thank You For Smoking make this list?  And who in the world couldn't put Die Hard on their list?!  Find out in this episode, as we give you the All Time Top 100 films that rank 101-110...

And next week, join us for a special Intermission when we are joined by Shotglass Digital's own Jimmy Mac as we give a full discussion of the all-time classic, Rocky V!

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