Monday, February 16, 2015

Episode 159: The Oscar Prediction Show

It's once again that time for our favorite award show to commence... no, not the BET Source Awards--though with Pinky, that's right on up there...

No, it's the Academy Awards, and The Deucecast Movie Show Guys are right here to break down all the categories from Sound Mixing and Sound Editing (what's the difference?!) to why Guardians of the Galaxy might not be a safe pick for the Makeup award.

Plus... its the nominations for our 2nd Annual Deucie Awards--nominations for real movie fans... best action movie... best sci-fi... best drama... worst performance (how else could Dumb & Dumber To get two nominations)... and so much more, sprinkled throughout the show. 

The guys invite in local filmmaker Jeremy Burgess ("Dead Saturday"--check it out), along with friend of the show Craig McRee, both avid film lovers, to pitch in and help wade through all the movies nominated.

Along the way, you'll find out how old Revenge with Kevin Costner is... and Debra Messing's The Wedding Date... how badly Pinky hates The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and loves Superman III... and why Eric Roberts coming to town is a big deal.

The guys introduce a new segment called "Stay Seated or Walk Out". Rehash topics on the snubbing of Selma for most awards, Johnny Depp's leading man potential, and then wonder about Michael Keaton's potential for winning Best Actor based on performance... or career (Denzel, anyone?)

Category by category nominations are discussed and predictions are made, including an in depth discussion of each of the 8 Best Picture nominees... The Theory of Everything... Selma... the glory of Birdman... the wonder of Keira Knightly in The Imitation Game... J.K. Simmon's intensity in Whiplash... whether American Sniper is overrated... whether The Grand Budapest Hotel is too quirky for it's own good... and, of course, the three hosts and two guests butt heads over a little film called Boyhood.

And if you are listeners "Rail Ranger", "Casey Lewis" or "Rick Theule", contact us at to claim your movie passes, as you are winners! You have until March 4th to let us know where you are!!

And join us next week as we finally say goodbye to 2014, counting down our 10 favorite from the year.

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