Friday, April 26, 2013

Episode XCIX: Dr. StrangePod: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deuce

We're back, and one step closer to the highly anticipated Episode 100, but first we bring you Episode 99, sans Dave. Not to fear though, Mike has support from Dr. Earl and Pinky.

On this episode Mike talks about his boredom at VeggieTales Live!, Dr. Earl acts like it's no big deal to ski at Breckenridge, CO, and Pinky nods and smiles at the two old dudes talking about stuff that old dudes talk about.

Producer Tommy brings in a very special drink from Wally World called Mistic. We, of course, make Pinky try the Carrot Orange flavor.

Mike brings us a new music from the "Yeah Yeah Yeahs," and without Dave there is no palate cleanser, so Mike prevails in bringing the listener the best music on a podcast recorded on a Wednesday night from a basement off the 280 corridor.

We have a listener-fueled "Dying with Dr. Earl" with some very hard-hitting medical questions for the Good Doctor.

A new movie game Mike calls "You're Quite the Character" is introduced, and based upon Dr. Earl's wisdom (not his age) he dominates young Pinky.

We wrap up the show with a Big 3 discussion on our most anticipated summer movies, and, of course, Dr. Earl has to mention some random Terrence Malick film.

Be sure to join us next week for Episode 100. We are having tons of guests, including a very special guest from out of town.

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