Monday, November 26, 2012

DeuceGiving 2012

Because, in the South, anything done two years in a row makes a tradition.... we at The Deucecast are proud of our annual tradition of giving thanks in a special episode called DeuceGiving... and we call it DeuceGiving 2012, not just DeuceGiving '12... because in 100 years, we don't want this year's DeuceGiving to be confused with DeuceGiving 2112, right?  Right.

Before we get to the DeuceGiving of it all, we dish on such topics as... Mikey's daughter turning 2... the crazy weekend of college football and Steak N Shake...

Mike's Crappy Music rolls on, discussing cover songs of classic hits by Michael Jackson... Oasis... INXSand.. Leonard Cohen (!). 

Of course, what would our annual DeuceGiving be without our thanks to... and tacos... and Max's Deli... and The Avengers, plus more fantastic, heartfelt appreciations. 

A rousing discussion on the difference in David Keith and Keith David...

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