Saturday, October 13, 2012

Episode LXXIII: The Pod & The Furious: Maylene Drift

Listen to our new episode and hear Hurricane Rhett yell about people. 

No, seriously.

We kick off our new show with another segment from our sponsors, then a tasting of our latest beverage, the atrocity known as Celsius. It is loaded with interestingness. 

Mikey tells us all about his adventure at Bark at the Park, and how easy it might be for all you single dudes to get yourself a woman.  And his disappointment with Star Wars Reads Day. And we talk about Liam Neeson.  And Taken 2.  And Facebook.  And Armie Hammer in "The Lone Ranger".  And Armie Hammer as Batman in "The Justice League Movie".  And a new Mary Jane?

We also touch on Hulk Hogan's unfortunate video discovery... Star Wars news abounds, with some Angry Birds... some Disney news and the Annual Passholder preview for New Fantasyland... movies like Get the Gringo... Soapdish... Rio... and Nancy McKeon !! 

Did you know that Dionne from "Clueless" is voting for Romney!? 

Mikey's crap music brings us some old school The Psychedelic Furs, and we go mano-a-mano in The IMDb Game, featuring Sandra Bullock... Bill Paxton... Steve Buscemi... and even more!

And speaking of crap, the worst movies ever?  That's right... the worst movies ever!  Its our list of the crappiest movies we've ever seen, and it includes Chevy Chase movies... John Candy movies... a Matthew Broderick movie... Terrence Malick movies... and breaking up with Ashley Judd with "Bug ".  Terrible. 

And... Demi Lovato coins a new phrase!

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