Thursday, September 13, 2012

Episode LXX: The Deucecast Saga, Breaking Wind

Its a host filled episode tonight with Mikey and d$ taking the reins on their own!

We kick it off with a great beverage tasting for once, as d$ pulls through with awesome tastes, to counteract Mikey's slurm that he tends to come up with via Big Lots.  Then we kick into a movie-heavy discussion with thoughts on movies like "Rio"... "Lawless"... a distaste for Shia Labeouf... "Heathers "... "Killer Elite "... "Billy Madison "... and even more.   And Mikey then presents some crappy music, followed by, for a change, some great music in the form of Will Claytor, the former lead singer of the Dove Award winning (and BET Vibe Award nominated) group Soul Pilot... we also relive Mikey's days as the lead publicist and manager of the band, and his term as the president of the Soul Pilot fan club, The Soul Stewardesses. 

Our Big Three takes on television, giving our most anticipated new fall TV shows coming up... Mikey has the advantage as he watches a ton of TV, while d$ has worthwhile things to do with his time.  We touch on promising shows like "Revolution" and "Nashville" and "Arrow" and even more.

mikey discusses, at length, a show that he wildly excited about... Malibu Country...

We also discuss the heart attack of Jerry "The King" Lawler and the release of the iPhone 5... plus, d$ regales his tales of his beach vacation to Orange Beach and all the sand and food that went with it.  Plus, a new game centered around Rotten Tomatoes... can you guess what the critics think about certain movies? 

And lest we forget... the Demi Lovato Tweet of the Week!! 

Next week, we feature the Good Doctor Earl making his reappearance to the show, with another episode of Dyin' with Dr. Earl... Mikey will be teasing a special announcement that will come later this month... d$ might return with a Buried Treasure... we'll be digging up a great game from the past... and The Big Three is Our Favorite Independant Films of Ever All Time Ever. 

That's on The Deucecast Episode LXXI: The Pod & the Furious

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