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Monday, August 27, 2012

Episode LXVII: The Podlight Saga

Finally... the Honorable Revr'n Ty "Sharpton" Coffey makes his first appearance in The Deucecast Studios as an actual guest host... and with him, comes the hilarity that we've come to know and love.

We kick off the show with our weekly beverage sample, as we bring back a classic drink... I wanna pop!  I wanna... Shasta (shasta)...

Our week's get reviewed, as Mikey plans his upcoming dash to Orlando... Rev'rn Ty discusses his move back to The Ham... and d$ reviews his "Free" week without the wife or kids, which included his five movie-in-the-theater extravaganza. 

Mike brings more crap that he calls music, something about Passion Pit ... we pay homage to the late, great Tony Scott by doing "Big Three Tony Scott films"... we play a round of Presidential Movie Trivia, just for Rev'rn Ty... and we bring the latest and greatest Star Wars news. 

Lots of TV news, including The Office... Jimmy Kimmel's big move... Michael J. Fox shakes things up... "Arrow"'s new female lead... and we do a ton of movie new and reviews, including "Avengers Assemble"... "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"... "Prometheus"... "Snow White & the Huntsman"... "The Expendables 2"... "Men in Black 3"... a possible "Kick-A**" sequel... "Brave"... "Warrior"... and even, even more.

Plus... the Demi Lovato Tweet of the Week is a double dose of awesome!!

Next week... More Mikey Musical Manure... two special guest hosts, as Drewski returns, bringing in his boo... and The Big Three Favorite On-Screen Couples.  That's all on The Deucecast Episode LXVIII: Podcast Moon

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