Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ep LIV: Podcast of the Lost Ark

Welcome back to the 54th episode of The Deucecast, where the guys take on The Avengers, Robin Thicke music and even more...

We kick off the show with Mikey's 7th anniversary, following by his and Tommy the Producer's adventure in Overnight Geocaching after the Schaeffer Crawfish Boil Media Cast Pass recap... and where did Mikey's Boba Fett LEGO keychain go?  Find out in this episode...

d$ then kicks off a new venture, by introducing Disney On a Dollar, as he jumps into the world of Disney Vacation Planning!  Email for help with your Disney trip! 

A great Buried Treasure unearths the legendary American Icon John Schneider and his wonderful music, with such great tunes as "Country Girls" and "What's a Memory Like You (doing in a love like this)"... Drewski takes on a great topic in The Smorg, with a discussion on expecations in movies and how it affects your liking or disliking of a particular movie, everything from Zombieland to Passion of the Christ to a big The Avengers vs The Dark Knight discussion.

The Big Three takes on our favorite movie experiences, covering such masterpieces as Back to the Future Part 3 to a Corey Haim classic to several Star Wars films.... and... Double O Kid.

More movies deeply discussed were The Doors and the new Star Trek film (Khaaaaaaan!) and Britney Spears' Crossroads and American Wedding...

And stick around after the ending music for a Spoiler Filled discussion on The Avengers and all its wonderful qualities.

Next week... Hurricane Rhett joins us for another great episode, and our Big Three takes on DVDs You Must Own, plus more Buried Treasure and, hopefully, a non-crawfish boil music minute from Mikey... that's on The Deucecast Episode LV: Alabama Mikey and the Podcast of Doom!

Mike's Music Minute:

How Do You Do - Mayer Hawthorne

Dave's Buried Treasure:

John Schneider's Greatest Hits

The Big 3: The One Where We Discuss Our Most Memorable Movie Watching Experiences in a Theater:

Dave's Choice - Scream [Blu-ray]
Drew's Choice - Star Trek - First Contact (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)
Mike's Choice - Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Roundtable Randomness:

The Double O Kid
Sherlock: Season One [Blu-ray]

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