Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode XIX: Podcast of the King

Heeeey it's The Deucecast!

On a very special day--d$'s birthday!--the guys come together for more frivolity and poppy culture, this time with Shawn on a mic (sans two turntables, though he's channeling some Freebird in his guitar stylings)... Mike dishes on some upcoming concerts, including some crappy band called The DooDoos... Matt talks about his great week... and d$ reveals his great birthday, except for gift woes...

Matt shares his Wylde obsession in his very own music minute... d$ goes full blown stay-at-home-dad in his Buried Treasure (including the first Ann Jillian mention on The Deucecast)... and Mikey rages about those movies that aren't on DVD, but should be... in fact, why isn't "The Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland" available?  Travesty.

The Big Three has a great theme--theme songs!  As in, TV theme songs!  We go live action this time around, and bring up and discuss The Sons of Anarchy... True Blood... Miami Vice... Airwolf... The Muppet Show... Magnum PI... Saved by the Bell... and even more.

A rousing game of Name that Crap showcases the musical stylings of Boy Krazy... The Rembrandts... Alannah Myles.. MC Lyte.. and Hazard, Nebraska... while diving into the Roundtable, a review of "Arthur" takes us to a Russell Brand career discussion... we also dish on "Planet Terror" vs. "Hobo with a Shotgun" and the Grindhouse in both... Kappas vs. Deltas in "Sorority Wars"... the Avett Brothers and the problem with success... Ted Danson on CSI... Shaq and his comedy tour... and, of course, 9 inches of Snow. 

And of course... Seagal of the Week

Next week... a great game of Faux or Show... d$ takes the music minute... Mikey digs out a Buried Treasure... and unless he's died, Hurricane Rhett shows up for some Rhett's Rhants... that's on Episode XX: Mikey Nipp & the Sorcerer's Podcast
Matt's Music Minute:

Dave's Buried Treasure:
The Deucecast Team's Favorite TV Theme Songs:
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Shawn of the Week:
Seagal of the Week:

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