Friday, June 17, 2011

Episode XI: The Lion, The Witch & the Podcast

Of course we talk about this... cause we're all geeks.
We are awesome geeks, but geeks nonetheless.
The Great Good Doctor Earl joins us in studio this week for our eleventh episode...

Tonight, we cheer as d$ announces his big news... then we dig deep and celebrate Matt's birthday, with Eddie Vedder helping out... d$'s dislike for reggae... Mike's love for Cracker Barrell... a Chattanooga Roadtrip... the brilliance of Kevin James... Best Buy woes... Mike's Stallone dilemma... the Noah's Ark movie... Timberlake's relaxation... Gary Busey news... in Medical Minutae, Dr. Earl tells us all about the future of medical tricorders... more Pirates talk... and Oscar nominations get a facelift!

The guys discuss their favorite songs to "Drive Fast To" and we play a thrilling round of The Movie Game... and we celebrate those movies and tv shows (Home Alone?  The Net?  Wall Street?  Buffy!?) that center around technology--old, old technology!

And this week in Seagal Watch... Steven vs. The Scottsdale, Arizona H.O.A

All this and more in this episode!

The Deuce Approved Music:

The Deuce Approved Movies/TV:

Seagal of the Week:

Join us next week for Episode XII: Pod Caspian

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