Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Episode 205: The 2015 Lumps of Coal

It's a short show this week, so we hope you had a Merry Christmas and hope you do have a Happy, Happy New Year!  First, we say goodbye to Shotglass Digital Network... thanks Jimmy & the Shotglass family.  You guys have been amazing to our show and we cannot show enough appreciation for that!

This week, we go over the absolute dreck from the last year, discussing the five worst films we've seen in 2015.  Not all of them are from the last 12 months, but these are the worst films we've seen in those 12 months.

And we are talking baaaaaad films.  Not craptastic films.  Not films that are so bad they are good.  No.  Bad movies.  Horrible movies.  Movies that feature Jordana Brewster at the top.  Movies that say "Starring Kate Heigl".  Movies that feature the words "Cat" and "Woman" together.

Hear about what might be the biggest waste of a good cast to make a bad movie... hear Pinky get angry about a movie... hear d$ rail against The Fantastic Four (again)... hear Mikey talk about the movie that might be one of the worst films he's ever seen, this year or not.

That's all on the 2015 Lumps of Coal Episode!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Special

Because we love Star Wars: The Force Awakens so much, we decided to do a quick review show of the movie itself.

Spoilers? Not at first!

We give a big overview of the movie itself, its possibly legacy and how great it is, then give a 10 second countdown to the beginning of spoilers.

Be warned:  If you are still listening after those 10 seconds, and you haven't seen the movie... first, what is wrong with you?  But second, we will ruin it for you -- but you will have plenty of warning.

Also joining the show is old school The Deucecast contributor and now co-host of Card Trader Illuminerdy Podcast, Hurricane Rhett Barnett.  Enjoy the bonus episode and Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Episode 204: Our Grown-Up Celebrity Christmas List

Merry Christmas!  Kwanzaa!  Hanukkah!  Holidays!  Festivus!  Boxing Day!  And all of that!  It's the last of our month long Christmas episode series, as we bring on not only Dr. Earl, but host of the Remodeling Clay podcast, Clay Shaver!

The episode kicks off with Santa Mikey bestowing gifts upon the group (mostly from his own VHS collection... and by most, we mean "all") and then to a great game of Denzel.

And then, The Deucecast Movie Show opens up the Santa bag and hands out great Christmas gifts to some Hollywood actors & actresses... like Shailene Woodley... and Jake Gyllenhaal... and Terrance Malick... Rick Moranis... Lindsay Lohan and many more, getting the gifts they deserve!

Plus, the "30 Year Reboot Rule" gets introduced for the first time... and...

Mikey extends the olive branch to none other than Anna Kendrick... get your Christmas spirit this week with our Christmas Movie Show!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Episode 203: Holiday ReFlicktions

It's another dive into the movies that we have seen over the last few weeks -- lots of reviews of movies new and old.

Plus, find out how Pinky confused Our Brand is Crisis and Jem & the Holograms... plus he watches a nerdy classic... we question the choices of Sienna Miller, the latest movies of Bradley Cooper and whether Kevin Smith should stick to what he knows...

And a huge discussion on SPECTRE and if James Bond is a character past his prime... much disagreement there is in this segment... and Dr Earl's favorite old school Bond girl... Two of the three hosts really had major issues with Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2... Raving over Spotlight... Brie Larson's Oscar prospects... the actor that Mikey dubs as "the next Al Pacino"... the death film that Pinky had to suffer through... and can Ashley Judd actually act, or has she been faking it the whole time?

Also, we do talk about The Good Dinosaur briefly, but we encourage you to go back to Ep 202, "Fave Non Animated Family Films" to hear a full review of this movie.

And d$ has a new #1 film on his Top Five, the first change at the top since May!

Movies discussed this month...
Our Brand is Crisis... Paper Towns... Hotel Transylvania 2... Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery... Revenge of the Nerds... Man on Wire (doc)... Two Night Stand... Tis the Season of Love... Re-Animator... Burnt... Red State... The Outsiders... Hot Tub Time Machine II... Ain't Them Bodies Saints... SPECTRE... Dr. No... Under Suspicion... Back in Time (doc)... Electric Boogaloo (doc)... Magnolia... The Prince of Pennsylvania (doc)... I'll Be Me (doc)... Return to Sender... Someone Like You... Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2... The Peanuts Movie... talhotblonde... People Places Things... Full Tilt Boogie (doc)... Short Term 12... Spectacular Now... Ex Machina... Spotlight... Atari: Game Over (doc)... The Final Girls... Get Hard... Unfinished Business... How to Die in Oregon (doc)... August Osage County... The Good Dinosaur... Nightbreed... Creed... Trumbo

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Episode 202: Favorite Family Movies (ft Jennifer Kaufman!)

It's Christmas time and family is upon us as usual, meaning people everywhere, all over the house, getting all up in your way -- especially the kids.  So you need some safe movies to put on the TV for the children to watch, and we are here to help! And because we know you have a 1000 cartoons around, we make our list all non-animated.

Pinky, Mikey & d$ bring in the co-host of the Disney Nerds Podcast and the (sort of sometimes) host of the Delightful Life Podcast, Jennifer Kaufman!

After birthday movies (how old is Jumanji?!), Jennifer joins the guys for a spirited discussion on... Disney Bathrooms?  And Journey Into Imagination with Figment?  The secret of the pin board at the Pin Traders in Disney Springs?  Isn't this a movie show? What!?

A rousing round of Box Office Mojo gives us the lowdown on the biggest box office earners in 2015... then, we dive into The Good Dinosaur.

The group gives a great assortment of Non-Animated Family Films, including Muppet movies... The Santa Clause... The Goonies.. The Wizard of Oz... and a random appearance by Dr Earl helps the lists get even better! (The Descendants?!) 

Plus, are the Muppets irrelevant to the younger generation?  Great discussion.

Somewhere in there, you'll get a new level of the battle between "A Christmas Story" and "Christmas Vacation"... "Wicked" vs "The Wizard of Oz"... "The Wiz" vs "Dreamgirls"... how many kids Jennifer needs for a reality show... Mikey's daughter's strange crushes... Where Die Hard & Gremlins fall in the "Christmas Movie" listings... the wasted potential of Lindsay Lohan... and where Amy Adams & d$ finally got together.

And to wrap the show up, its the movie segment that is sweeping the nation, or at least our neighborhood where we broadcast, its Pretty in Pink, with a review of The Running Man!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Episode 201: Top 100... 30 to 21

It's another All Time Top 100 Episode, this time taking our 30th favorite all time films (like Harrison Ford's "Witness") and counting down to each of our 21st favorite films.

We also attempt to answer questions like "Why does 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' get brought up so much?" and "Where did that LEGO Clock come from?" and "Is this the age of the Joey Fatonassaince?" and "Where did Fisher, the former housecat of the Deuce, really get his name?"... and, of course, "What's in the booooooox????"

You'll also get the story of how Johnny Depp was able to create the Capt. Jack Sparrow we all know and love against the wishes of Disney brass.  We share some Bruce Springsteen from what Pinky & Mikey call a straight up "This is a d$ movie".  You'll also find out what movie makes Producer Tommy nod his head in full approval.

Also, hear some great music snippets from favorites like "Jerry Maguire" and "Inside Man"... and finally... the first movie that two of us have ranked exactly the same...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Episode 200: DeuceGiving 2015!!

It's our 200th round of pop culture & movie talk!  And it falls on one of our favorite weeks of the year, Thanksgiving, just in time for our annual DeuceGiving Episode...

We invite frequent show contributor Dr Earl to the show, along with former co-host of the show (waaay back in the first 30 eps or so) Matt Rector for this journey into the past and future.

First up, the 2nd round of The Game of Games, a collection of games that we play every 100 episodes--can Dr Earl retain his title from winning during episode 100?

Then, we list our top five actresses we are currently thankful, those great chicks who make every movie they are in better, and manage to even make bad movies bearable.  Emily Blunt!  Brie Larson!  And who doesn't love Jessica Chastain?!

We bring back one of the oldest segments from the early days of the show, The Beverage Tasting, as Mikey brings in Moxie for everyone in studio to get a taste of... somehow, it results in a pretty terrible Boss Nass Phantom Menace imitation.

And somehow, we randomly end up name dropping "Trees Lounge" with Steve Buscemi and Dr. Earl's hope for "Air Con 2".

Next up are the actors we are thankful for, including a great discussion on Tom Hanks, plus attempts to say "Chiwetel Ejiofor", Chris Pratt's rise and more love for the Fassbender.

And no 200th episode would be complete without the one time return of... Seagal Watch.

Thanks for downloading our show, be it for the 1st, the 10th, the 120th or 200th time...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Episode 199: Holidays! Force Awakens! Sci Fi Guilty Pleasures!

It's the penultimate episode before we hit a major milestone... but before we get to 200, we gotta knock out 199, and we bring a heavy hitter to do just that!  Shazbazzar from TechnoRetro Dads Podcast calls in to discuss being a geek, watching fantasy & science fiction, and guilty pleasures.  Put them all together and we have Fave Sci Fi/Fantasy Guilty Pleasures via a miracle of technology!

Also joining d$, Mikey, Pinky & Shaz for the show is Friend of the Show, Terence Malick Apologist and Movie Historian, the honorable Dr. Earl!

Kicking off, a discussion on the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer that premiered a few weeks ago during Monday Night Football, and what it takes for Mikey to break down into tears: "I'm pregnant with Star Wars..."

Plus, the excitement of the long forgotten tradition of going and standing in line for actual tickets to a movie coming out...

Then, moving on to Rotten Tomatoes, with a round of 1980s classic films to guess the score on.

A Holiday Movie Preview gives a quick take on upcoming films like the latest Rocky film, "Creed", as Apollo's son gets in the ring... Zac Efron as Han Solo, maybe... Daniel Radcliffe as "Igor" in a Frankenstein take... the limited release "The Ridiculous 6" on Netflix... the Star Wars coming out... Tina Fey & Amy Poehler in "Sisters"... the agenda driven "Concussion"... the horrible idea to remake "Point Break"... J-Law in "Joy"... Pinky's dream of "The Hateful 8"... and "The Reverent"

Finally, the real reason for the show... the Favorite Sci Fi / Fantasy guilty pleasure films, including a Kris Kristofferson time travel classic...  a forgotten Star Wars ripoff billed as "A Magnificent Seven in Space"... why "Face / Off" is not really a guilty pleasure... a movie that features Kangaroo Warriors... sending Hilary Swank to the center of the Earth... the movie known as The Longest Taco Bell Commercial in History... Greg Evigan vs Peter Weller in the battle of undersea aliens...

And to wrap up, a Pretty in Pink featuring "Hellraiser"

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Episode 198: All-Time Fav Top 100... 40 thru 31

As Casey Kasem would say, "The numbers get smaller, the hits get bigger"... while he would go on to introduce the latest tune from Nu Shooz or the recent top ten hit from Whitney Houston, we instead will continue our countdown to our all time favorite films.

In this latest group of ten (or 30, as ten each from Mikey, d$ & Pinky), you'll hear quick discussions on... one of the greatest WWII movies ever made... a recent Joseph Gordon-Levitt instant classic... one of the coolest films d$ has ever seen... one of the coolest films anyone has ever seen... Jack Black's magnum opus... Harrison Ford being Amish... Harrison Ford being framed... Harrison Ford going crazy... Harrison Ford being crusadey... the multiple endings and expansive casts of Middle Earth... a musical number from d$'s love Amy Adams... Audrey Hepburn finding love with Humphrey Bogart... opinions on an all female cast of a classic...

Plus, this is the night Mikey forgets everything...

And, if you ever wanted to know who that guy is who played the main terrorist not named Hans Gruber in DieHard, you'll find that answer here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Episode 197: November ReFlicktions

Click.  Clique.  Bang. 

And then you find a movie that no one should like, but ya just can't help
Another fine episode of movie chatter, with Mikey, d$ & Pinky, feeling the Oscar buzz in the air!

After the birthday movies (how old is The Legend of Bagger Vance?  And GoldenEye turned what?), we jump into the movies we've seen in the last few months.

Topics discussed include... the great movie choices Emily Blunt has been making... could Benecio del Toro be a less flashy, but better, Johnny Depp... The Martian book vs The Martian movie... Dark Places book vs Dark Places movie... the lack of God in the God-driven true story of "The Captive"... has Tom Hanks reached the point where he's not a character, he's always Tom Hanks... d$'s new love of Elizabeth Olsen... Mikey & Pinky fawning over Steve Jobs... the movie that is "Catfish" to the extreme... liking Kristin Wiig...

In this episode, we talked about...
Sicario... The Maze Runner Scorch Trials... Black Mass... Whitey: The United States vs James T Bulger... The Martian... Pawn Sacrifice... The Captive... The Decoy Bride... Bridge of Spies... What We Do in the Shadows... Everest... Oz, the Great & Powerful...  Crimson Peak... Dawn of the Dead (1978)... The Walk... The Fog (1980)... Barely Lethal... Goosebumps... The Intern... Dawn of the Dead (recent)... The Rewrite... Liberal Arts... Steve Jobs... Woodlawn... Beyond Clueless... Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman... Misery Loves Company... talhotblond... Hot Fuzz... Girl Most Likely... Circle... Dark Places... True Romance

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Episode 196: Deuceoween MikeTober 2015

It's the witching hour, it's the haunted time of the year, its the scariest part of the year... its Deuceoween, featuring the return of MikeTober!

First, d$, Mikey, Pinky, & Friend of the Show Jeremy Burgess, coming live from the Orlando Film Festival where he is promoting his Indie Short Film "Dead Saturday",dust off an old favorite called Reel or Unreel, guessing what movie is a real reel out of a group of unreal reels based on the terrible descriptions of the movies themselves... "Children of the Forlorn"?  "Hell Night"?  Or even "Measuring Tape, Measuring Death"?

Then Jeremy and Pinky discuss some of their favorite horror films seen this month--"Hausu" and "Cannibal Holocaust" and "The Vanishing" (both original and remake) and more.

We give a Wes Craven tribute, discussing a few of his classics like "The Hills Have Eyes", the Scream Series and the three Nightmare on Elm Street films he worked on, plus a few clunkers too ("The People Under the Stairs", anyone?), and the impact on the horror genre he had... plus, how great was it to be in a film called "Tales from the Crapper"?  That's not a fake title, by the way.

Then, MikeTober 2015 comes full circle, as Mikey discusses the five films assigned to him by the show and it's friends.  Mikey hates horror movies, so this was a chore for him... what does he think about "Hellraiser" or "Creepshow" or "The Omen" or "Nightmare on Elm Street"?   Plus more discussion on the real director of "Poltergeist".

And to discuss "Sleepaway Camp", we make an unplanned call to Remodeling Clay Shaver to discuss the film--and most notably, the ending of it all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Episode 195: Underrated Villains

"I could be a friend to you..."

The All Saints Day is coming up!  This week we start our Halloween celebration with the first of two Halloween episodes... first up, our list of underrated villains.

But first, a sequeltastic round of Box Office Mojo, where d$ facepalms while Mikey, Pinky & the Terrance Malick Apologist himself, Dr Earl, limp and struggle through to name popular movies that were 2nd in a series (or had the #2 in the title).  Films like Toy Story 2 and Spiderman 2 make it, while The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Aliens don't...

...and don't hit your head too hard as you scream at the radio at all the obvious films that are not mentioned.  Seriously, it's embarrassing, with the new point system, and Producer Tommy with his new found buzzer.

Then, the villains we talk about all the time are those like Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter and Scar from The Lion King... but what about Agent Smith?  Mr Joshua?  What about Killian?  The Kurgan? Or even The Sisters in Shawshank?   Those villains that don't get the proper amount of love in movie lore.

And join us next week for MikeTober and a retrospective on Wes Craven!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Episode 194: Top 100... 50 thru 41

"I had talked about 'The Player'... Pinky had talked about 'The Fighter'... and then... 'The Bodyguard'. Uhhh..."

It's another special episode as we crest the hill on the 100 Favorite Films of all time, working our way into the All Time Top 50!

Great discussions on Barry Levinson's "Good Morning Vietnam"... Lots of Tarantino love... a Kevin Kline triple play... Cyrano de Bergerac via Steve Martin... more Harrison Ford appearances... 1980s Kerri Green... the joys of being spoiler free before the internet... what happened to Aaron Eckhart... the Break Up Rom Com section of Pinky's list... Adam Sandler's almost turn as The Bear Jew... and being sold on Christian Bale's Batman...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Episode 193: October Reflicktions

Welcome back to another fine episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, as we dive into a monthly pile of movies that we've seen... we call it Reflicktions, and d$, Mikey & Pinky are once again joined by the honorable Dr. Earl to talk about what we've seen.

When Vanessa Hudgens puts her mind to it, this girl can act her fool tail off.
Birthday movies come up first, as we toss out titles turning everything from 5 years old to 35 years old ("Oh God! Book II") and then we jump into our list of films... September was a slow month for releases, so there are several old films as well as brand new ones and even some festival indie films that you may not have heard of...

Here you'll find out what movie starred Kristen Stewart that Pinky said, "I didn't hater her in this"... Dr Earl discovered It Follows doesn't follow... the horrible wasting of a brilliant cast in Aloha... Reese Witherspoon's mistakes... one of the most pointless movies ever made, according to Mikey... the movie that is described as "like picking a scab"... the random choices of Kristen Wiig... The Linda Cardinelli-assance... when the heck is Masterminds coming out?... the career of Rory Cochran (Slater from Dazed & Confused) and finally, WTF is going on with Jared Leto in Mr Nobody???

Plus... Vanessa Hudgens' Academy Award Moment.  Yes, I just said that.

And the Top Five of the Year around the room, and our movie assignments, plus a review of Mike's movie for MikeTober.

Films discussed this month include: Obvious Child... American Ultra... It Follows... Aloha... Road Hard... Blood Simple... Eagle vs Shark... Hot Pursuit... Slow West... Hurricane of Fun (the making of Wet Hot)... Let's Be Cops... Serena... Along Came a Spider... Mission Impossible Rogue Nation... A Guy Thing... Casting By... Jersey Girl... What We Do in the Shadows... Gimme Shelter... Mistress America... While We're Young... Sex, Lies, & Videotape... In a World... Four Weddings & A Funeral... The Diary of a Teenage Girl... Welcome to Me... Dope... Captive... Used Cars... A Most Violent Year... Two Faces of January... The Visit... Mr. Nobody... Black Mass... In the Company of Men... The Searchers... A movie who features Katherine Heigl, Patrick Wilson and Jordana Brewster.  Oy... Everest... An Honest Liar... Can't Buy Me Love... and Maze Runner Scorch Trials.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Episode 192: Breakthrough Roles

Back and awesome, d$, Mikey & Pinky join together at The Deucecast Studios Central, joined by movie historian & Terrence Malick Apologist the honorable Doctor Earl, and the gang is here to discuss favorite "Breakthrough" roles.

First, a little round of the newest movie game sensation that's sweeping the nation... or the studios anyway... Chronology.  Put the movies in order and you win the game... bad Sandler! Bad King! Overly long Costner flicks!  And even Pinky's Potables!

Then, a discussion of favorite first big roles in movies... not necessarily the first roles, but the first big roles.  And along with movie discussions come movie controversies... as in... if you've never heard of a Nicole Kidman movie, could it be consider a breakout role?  Is Bob Falfa really Harry Ford's first big role, or just a stepping stone to Star Wars?  Do we like fat Jonah Hill or Skinny Jonah Hill?  Do we really need both Margot Robbie AND Rosamund Pike?   Also... early Kate Winslet... early Michael Keaton... early Audrey Hepburn... and much, much more.

Pretty in Pink takes on the movie Fletch, and find out if Pinky loved, liked, meh, disliked or hated this Chevy Chase classic... and finally...

Miketober is here!  Our 2nd Annual MikeTober Movie Fest commences, as Mikey picks up his horror movie assignments for the month of October.  Dr Earl gives his picks, along with friends of the show Shaz & Shua and Remodeling Clay Shaver, as well as Pinky and d$'s horror choices for Mikey's viewing terror.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Episode 191: Top 100... 60 to 51

Another entry into the Top 100 Series, as we reach the 1/2 way point into our year long countdown of the  top 100 films of all time.

Not the "best films", obviously, as you likely wouldn't see "While You Were Sleeping" on any "Greatest Films Ever" list... but its on d$'s list.  So is a great DeNiro/Grodin 80s classic, a Stephen King novella turned movie and why in the world is there a clip featuring Sally Field and Olympia Dukakis?  Get ready for the Magnolias.

Pinky reels out his a favorite Chris Nolan movie, an Emma Stone modern classic and takes the show to Monstropolis.

Mikey discusses one of his favorite Kevin Smith films, a John Cusack movie right on point, and his affinity for Bruce Campbell.   All in all, 30 films discussed, and the countdown rolls on!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Episode 190: Tough Chicks & Teresa

Back in the studio for your weekly edition with the best in movies and more, and this time d$, Mikey & Pinky are joined by fan girl extraordinaire, co-host of Fangirls Going Rogue and of Disney Vault Talk and of a 1000 other things, Teresa Delgado!

Jumping right in, the topic is "Bad A** Movie Chicks", or to keep it from getting an explicit tag, "Tough Chicks in Movies"... the Bride.. Ripley... Sarah Connor... and of course... Olive Pendergast.  Wait... what?

Even a few controversial choices are tossed in... like... Rose from "Titanic".  Argue away.

Later, the episode finds it's way into Harry Potter lore, where the gang discusses their first venture into Potterworld, some of the differences in the movies and books, characters that were cast correctly--and miscast--and yes, d$ makes a case for Alan Rickman being wrongly cast...

All of this and more in this week's The Deucecast Movie Show

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Episode 189: Chevy Chase Reflections

Once again, the d$, Pinky & Mikey jump into the movie fray, giving our awesome audience of at least 4 people our rundown of the movies we've seen over the last month or so...

First up, though, America's favorite game named after America's favorite star of Cruel Intentions not named Reese Witherspoon or Sarah Michelle Gellar... that's right, its The Ryan Phillippe Game!  Pinky calls out the names and Mikey & d$ try to call out the names... can you name five films with Simon Pegg in them?  Exactly.  It's not that easy...

The guys dive into topics like the John Hughes of young adult novels... Pinky's favorite Taken movie... an Ed Helms upcoming project makes us all throw up a little... The comedic status of Will Ferrell and who is on top now... the legacy of Chevy Chase and if he truly was that good... and Mikey uses the word "enigmatic"?

And an entire diatribe from d$ on how bad Fantastic Four actually is

The monthly type five becomes a Top Ten of the Year So Far for the three hosts... find out what stays at #1 for everyone, and what moves around.

And here is the list of films that are discussed on this episode... Pixels... It Follows... The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (doc)... Punch Drunk Love... Taken 8, aka Run All Night... Paper Towns... Apocalypse Now... Heart of Darkness (doc)... Must Love Dogs... South Paw... Self / Less... From Dusk til Dawn... The Search for General Tso (doc)... Vacation... For the Love of Movies (doc)... Creep... Mega Mind... The Skeleton Twins... Face // Off... Mission Impossible Rogue Nation... Pumpin Iron (yes, that one with Ahnold)... Fantastic Four (2015).. Fantastic Four (1994)... Mr. Holmes... Minions... Life of Crime... Outcast... They Came Together... The 'Burbs... Shaun  the Sheep... The Gift... Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street... Jiro Dreams of Sushi (doc)... June 17th, 1994 (doc)... The Man from U.N.C.L.E.... The Break-Up... Straight Outta Compton... Cop Car... The Stanford Prison Experiment... The Prince... Hercules... Waking Sleeping Beauty (doc)... Agent 47... The Divergent Series: Insurgent... Blood Simple

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Episode 188: Independence Days

The 188th reiteration of The Deucecast Movie Show commences now!  Though Mikey, Pinky & d$ fancy themselves to be more mainstream, they do like a good indie film every now and then... problem is, more and more films are actually independent and not from a major studio...

What better way to wade through the madness than to call upon Terrance Malick fan and film historian Dr Earl AND Friend of the Show and Boyhood Apologist Jeremy Burgess!

Birthday movies kick off the show, as "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole" is mentioned for one of the few times ever... five years old, I tell you!

Indie films is the topic, and among our favorite independent films tossed out are classics like Clerks and Memento and The Blair Witch and yes... a romantic comedy about Greek love, from executive producer Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Then, America's favorite classic film review, Pretty in Pink, as Young Pinky gives his review of the football masterpiece, "Necessary Roughness" with Scott Bakula and Robert Loggia... and yes, Kathy Ireland. In her prime.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Episode 187: The Fall Movie Preview + Sidewalk Film Fest

Welcome back to The Deucecast Movie Show where this time, we take on the Fall Movies... previews, discussions, what to watch, what to skip and what we are looking forward too.

Also joining the guys in studio is Terrence Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl, and friend of the show and Boyhood Apologist Jeremy Burgess, who also gives the rundown on the annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Show Film Festival of Films and Movies and Cinematic Experiences That you Only Can Get from Flicker Shows.  (that title may not be exact)

But first... a BRAND NEW GAME!!!  It's called CHRONOLOGY... you have to listen to find out what it is, but just know it does have great categories like "Oops I Crapped My Pants", "The Revenge of Seth" and "Potent Potables"

The Sidewalk Preview touches on some great up and coming films like "Raiders" and "Western", of which Jeremy gives reviews on, plus a quick overview of Jeremy's short film "Dead Saturday" with Oscar nominee Eric Roberts.

Then, the Fall Movie Preview kicks in, taking you from September thru November.  Discussions on the Anne Hathaway/Robert DeNiro comedy "The Intern", plus Pinky wishing for "Gangster DeNiro" to return... "Everest" with Josh Brolin, Keira Knightley and Eric Bana, and how its IMAX Candy... "The Walk" with JoGo Levitt, and his high wire act... Sandy Bullock in "Our Brand in Crisis" and the space epic "The Martian"... Pixar's latest, Julianne Moore's new movie, and even some Oscar bait.

Plus... M Night Shymalan's new film, "The Visit".  And whether it looks like it might be decent or another dumpster fire.  The theory that "a lot of people die" in The Hunger Games Park

And Jeremy's obsession with "Jem & the Holograms" is passed over quickly.  Okay, not really an obsession.  Maybe just a jab.

Oh, and why is Daniel Radcliffe this generation's Mark Hamill?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Episode 186: Top 100... 70 thru 61

"What do you mean I get several mentions on this week's episode?!"
From the mind of M Night Shyamalan...

"It's a piece of crap... but I really liked it!" says Pinky about this sequel to one of his favorite films of all time... which movie?  Find out by listening to the latest Top 100 episode, with Mikey, Pinky & d$ giving their all time favorites -- not the Best Films Ever but Favorites -- including the coolest truck of the 80s... Mikey's inability to count properly (thus a throwback to the last Top 100 episode)... 

Also, the improbably deus ex machina ending of Field of Dreams... having a school boy crush on Hayley Mills... a film that Pinky loves as much as Mikey hates... the talent of Charles Groden... how to see Bugs Bunny & Mickey Mouse in the same frame... d$'s special attachment to Con Air... why Pinky is ruining the country... the three movies d$ saw first...

Discussion on movies like Toy Story... Mary Poppins... Heat... Jurassic Park... and much more.

Plus... is Adam Sandler the new M Night Shyamalan?

Oh, and Corey Haim.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Episode 185: Top 100... 80 thru 71

Back when Lindsay Lohan was awesome, beautiful,
wonderful and normal.  And check out those hotties
in the back.
The numbers get smaller, and the hits just keep getting bigger (RIP, Casey Kasem)... it's another Top 100 Favorite Films episode, as Mikey, Pinky & d$ give you their 80th favorite films.  Then their 79th... followed by their 78th... and even though mathing is hard, you'll see where this ends up, all the way down to 71...

After a quick trip into the films of Rob Schneider in a "See This Not That" segment, the fave films start coming... who is the pansy who loves The Blind Side?   Who is the weirdo who loves Little Miss Sunshine so much?  And who truly is "MagnoliaFan69"?  Abigail Breslin makes two appearances this time around, as does Sandra Bullock, while music from The George Baker Selection, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross and even Ray Stevens is heard, another film is crossed over on two lists and listen to Mikey's list carefully... something just doesn't line up (but it will make sense in a (back to the) future episode, we promise!

Oh, and Mikey says "Woody Harrelanaissance".  Don't ask why.  Or how.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Episode 184: The Documentary Show Part II

You just don't want to be this guy, trust us...
We are back and better than ever!  Mikey, Pinky & d$ are joined once again by The Good Ol' Dr Earl and on the line is host of the Remodeling Clay Podcast Clay Shaver, and we are wrapping up the list of our favorite 10 documentaries...

But first... birthday movies lets us know exactly how old Coyote Ugly is, and the best Hollow Man joke you'll hear all day... and wait, Mortal Kombat came out when?

Pinky tells us again how young he is by simply saying he would know Warren Beatty "if I saw her"... and a rousing game of Denzel leads the show into the documentary talk...

Docs about dying basketball dreams... dying girl scouts... wrasslin'... scapegoating... sushi and the dreams that come of it... Sleeping Beauty waking up... The Dixie Chicks shutting up and singing... losing a fight with a grizzly bear... buying a Winnebago... rating a movie... and so, so much more!

Check out Deucecast fan Nic Casey's website & write up on musical moments... and don't forget to check out the Remodeling Clay podcast!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Episode 183: The Documentary Show Pt 1

Apparently, this isn't your usual family comedy... or
any kind of comedy... 
Welcome back to The Deucecast Movie Show! We wanted to do a documentary topic but struggled on how to do it right... so we not only broke this up into two shows, but we called in an expert!

Joining d$, Pinky & Mikey, along with Terrence Malick apologist and Movie Historian Dr. Earl, is none other than Remodeling Clay Shaver, host of the Remodeling Clay podcast, who is a great resource for such a genre!

After a rousing game of Rotten Tomatoes, we dive straight into classic documentaries... films about William Wilburforce (?!)... the making of one of the worst films ever made... behind the scenes at a classic haunted hotel film... one of the most infuriating, heartbreaking stories ever told... a guy getting really high... and much more.

Plus, one of the most beloved segments in American Podcasting... okay, at least for the population that listens to our cast... in Pretty in Pink, we find out how the French Connection connected with our young Podawan.

And finally, a new Pretty in Pink is assigned--though it will change, I promise. =)

Join us next week for The Documentary Show Pt 2 next week!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Episode 182: July ReFlicktions

Joined by Terrence Malick Apologist and Movie Historian Dr. Earl on the Annex Couch, Mikey, Pinky & d$ dive into the July ReFlicktions...

A game of Ryan Phillippe leaves someone wondering what that Sandra Bullock sequel is subtitled... and how many Mark Wahlberg movies can you name?

A short list of ReFlicktions followed by a lengthy discussions on those same movies, leads into our new Top Five Films of the Year... plus, who says "WE HAVE THE MEATS!" and why are we even talking about that?

Here are the movies seen and discussed:

A Fistful of Quarters: The King of Kong... Love and Mercy... Ted 2... Me and Earl and the Dying Girl... The Fault in Our Stars... Hot Girls Wanted... Inside Out... American Movie... Minions... Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon... The In Betweeners 2... Lost in La Mancha... The Cobbler... The Iron Giant... Ant-Man... High Fidelity... Life of Crime... Badlands... Trainwreck... Hector and the Search for Happiness... The Loft... Terminator Genysis... They Came Together... Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser... Paul Blart Mall Cop 2...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Episode 181: The Top 100... 90 thru 81

The countdown continues, as d$, Mikey and Pinky name off their next set of ten films in a list that is their 100 Favorite Films of All Time.

Many modern day classics are brought up, like the film that brought us Sandy Bullock and the one where Dwight Yoakam plays a really bad bad guy... a few recent films make the lists, including one where Paul Rudd says "Man o Lantern" and James Bond's latest adventure... some 80s films are on the list, like one that d$ considers one of the finest movies of the 80s and another with extra footage added recently... and of course, some older classics, like d$'s obsession with The Trolley Song.

Plus... the film that made Mikey love whipped cream, the movie that Pinky says his is favorite football movie and the guys give you two movies outside the list--a modern day western and a young Bill Pullman...

Plus... the first crossover movie, one featured on two lists at nearly the same number.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Episode 180: Skywalking Thru the Movies

The movie guys come back once again, this time with Terrence Malick Apologist and Indie Film Lover Dr. Earl on the Annex Couch... Producer Shawn on the buttons and sounds, while calling in are two very special guests, Richard & Sarah from Skywalking Through Neverland Podcast! 

First, find out how truly old you are when we give you movies celebrating the birthdays, such as Inception... Wedding Crashers... Ghost... Back to the Future... and of course, The Legend of Billie Jean (fair is fair!)

Then we welcome in our guests from Southern Cal, Sarah & Richard Woloski, hosts of the much beloved Star Wars Meets Disney cast, Skywalking Through Neverland!  

A quick (?) round of Box Office Mojo that may or may not flame out in the middle... we tried, honestly... but we bring it back around again with a great roundtable discussion on "Stay Seated // Walk Out", with topics like the potential for Jurassic World to hit $500 Million box office (SPOILER: IT ALREADY DID... WOMP WOMP) and whether the hype for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is too high already.

Then, the Top Five Favorite Geek Movies, as everyone gives their favorite geek out films, geeks and nerds in films and movies that just make you nothing but a big geek for loving... Weird Science!  The Matrix!  Tron!  Planet of the Apes!  Even Hook and the Nintendo Power Glove gets some love!

It's a great time had by everyone on the 180th edition of The Deucecast Movie Show! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Episode 179: Supersized Summer ReFlicktions

Its that time again... time for d$, Mikey and Pinky to discuss all the movies seen these last few weeks... joined by The Enchanting Nikki B and our movie historian and Terrence Malick Apologist, the good Doctor Earl...

Its a longer episode, as we are also joined by one Rita Houston, movie fan and event coordinator extraordinaire, and also senior event coordinator for Magic City Con here in Birmingham.  You can find more about the con, info and such at the bottom of these here show notes.

A rousing round of Denzel gets the gang off to a great start, followed by long discussions on Tomorrowland... Jurassic World... Happy Valley... Inside Out... and of course, Zombeavers.  Yes, that one. 

Plus, all the other movies seen this month... the Top Five sees Inside Out place nicely on all lists, while love for Avengers: Age of Ultron is slowly waning.  And of course, all the assigned films all around.

Oh, and Pinky does a full dissertation on a documentary about... men's... privates.  Let's just leave it there.

Its the July ReFlicktions show and you don't want to miss it!

About the Magic City Con... click here for full details, and contact Rita Houston at rita@magiccitycon.com.  From the website, here's what to expect (this article is edited for space, so please see the website for all the deets and dates)

Magic City Con is a fan convention that will be held at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center on Highway 280 on July 24-26th 2015.  Our con features a variety of panels that focus on cosplay, video games, Star Wars, and much more!  
Magic City Con has panels featuring some of the voices of the Star Wars Rebels cast!  Are you a rebel or buckethead?  All are welcome to come chat about the popular new Disney animated series featuring the crew of the Ghost in this newest installment to the Star Wars franchise which is set five years before 'Star Wars IV:A New Hope'.  
Looking to geek out?  We have a night of tabletop gaming; new games to try as well as tried and true ones you have always loved that you don't want to miss out playing!  Are you more of a DM than a player?  Let us know if you are interested in running a game at one of our tables! 
With all the featured guests, panels, contests, games and events that we have planned, you don't want to miss the event everyone will be talking about!  Come and be a part of a one of a kind experience close to home!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Episode 178: Movie Musical Scenes feat. Paige Davis

The guys join together to talk about a topic that may be foreign to a couple of them... not just musical movies, but musical scenes from movies, whether its a musical or not. 

Not only do d$, Mikey and Pinky need to bring in some help, in the form of Nikki B and the resident Terrence Malick apologist and classic movie historian, Dr. Earl, but for this great topic, we needed to pull in the experts...

None other than Paige Davis herself, she of TV (Trading Spaces, OWN network), Broadway fame (Beauty & the Beast, Chicago), stage play (Dancing Lessons) and a great blogger and writer in her own right... Paige calls in to discuss all the music in movies fit to discuss.

The lists vary from High Fidelity's Jack Black and his Marvin Gaye impression to Ferris Bueller atop a float to Baby carrying a watermelon to Lloyd Dobler and his boombox... but lest we forget the older films too, like West Side Story, Meet Me In St. Louis, The Sound of Music, and Sister Act II: Back in the Habit? Seriously? 

Paige also shares great little stories of working with Eddie Redmayne onstage, being a back up dancer with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys and her issues with Les Miserables the movie.

And somehow, we manage a Pretty in Pink with Pinky discussing "The Last Unicorn". 

All in all, a great episode that we know you will love, whether you like musicals or not!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 177: Comics to Movies

Back and better than ever, The Deucecast Movie Show brings you the best in titillating movie conversation and deep film discussion!  Mikey, Pinky & d$ are joined by frequent contributors The Enchanting Nikki B & Dr Earl, our resident film historian and Terrence Malick Apologist.

First up, a round of The IMDb Game, where towards the end, things go completely haywire, numbers are flying and #mathing is hard...

I can tell you who did NOT make the list of fave comic character
film adaptations...
Then, an extended version of Stay Seated / Walk Out, which poses random cinematic questions and the crew decides whether it's viable...

Is The Rock the most bankable action star in Hollywood?  Should Vin Diesel keep making Furious movies?  How does Sam Worthington compare to Tom Hardy and his luscious lips?  And what's at stake for Pixar's "Inside Out" when it comes to stacking up with Disney's animated classics? 

The main topic is "Fave Comics to Movies" when it comes to comic characters... how does Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine in the films compare to the character in the pages of the comics?  What about Robert Downey Jr?  And of course, Samuel L. Jackson, who was the inspiration for a modern retooling of a character that he ended up playing in the films themselves... and many many more.  Heck, even Karl Urban and Jackie Earle Haley gets some love!

Finally... who do you cast as the new Spider-man?  The Deucecast Movie Show has a few ideas...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Episode 176: June ReFlicktions

We welcome you back to the usual ReFlicktions show, where the guys--d$, Mikey and Pinky--discuss all the movies they've seen in the last few weeks... joining them this time are friends of the show Terrence Malick Apologist and Movie Historian The Good Doctor Earl, and the lovely and enchanting Nikki B.

Diving right in, movies that are discussed are:

Ex Machina... Pitch Perfect 2... Wet Hot American Summer... The Big Bounce... Wolf Cop... Enough Said... A Simple Plan... Top Gun (yes, Pinky had never seen it...)...  the remake of Poltergeist... The Woman in Black 2 (or was it Red?  Black?  Who cares, it sucked)... A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (the world's best Iranian vampire western)... Tracks... And the Oscar Goes To... Galaxy Quest (and how it stacks up against Spaceballs)... Goon... Donnie Brasco... Intersteller (Nikki B simply says, "....um... yeah...")... The Treasure of the Sierra Madre... Tinkerbell & the Neverbeast... Amadeus... Deep Blue Sea... The Punk Singer... Disconnect...

Also, in-depth looks at "Tomorrowland", featuring the new Jennifer Lawrence (according to Mikey), named Britt Something or Other... the amount of Easter Eggs in the film... Pinky's issue with the "preachiness" of the movie... the problems that will come with the low box office totals...

Thoughts on Reese Witherspoon's casting of Tinkerbell in the live action "Tinkerbell"...

Why "San Andreas" is Mikey's new favorite disaster movie and why d$ calls it "a smart stupid movie"...

And the glory and spectacle that is "Mad Max: Fury Road".  Mad Freakin' Max.  Awesome.

Coming up next week on The Deucecast Movie Show Episode 177, comic book character adaptations to the silver screen!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Episode 175: Non-Disney Animation

The gang is back, with Mikey, Pinky & d$ set to take you into another excursion into movie madness, this time joined by the best looking thing in the room, the Enchanting Nikki B.  Tonight, the gang takes on animated films, but not just any animated films... no, taking out anything Disney and then ranking their favorites from what's left.

First, birthday movies remind us how old movies like The Goonies, Pocahontas and Toy Story 3 are... a great game of Movie Battle of the Sexes features Mikey & Pinky teaming up to try and knock out Nikki with questions on topics from Rambo movies to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Then, the Non-Disney Animation talk, highlighting great classics like The Secret of Nimh... The LEGO Movie... Shrek... The Iron Giant... and... Beavis & Butthead?  Yup.  All in there. 

Also enjoy random jags on the explosion of Transformer toys in 1987... d$'s own personal Land Before Time horror story... Nikki's love of Tom Hanks... Leo DiCaprio being a Lothario, or Leothario... Mikey's gushing over The Last Unicorn... and in Pretty in Pink, Pinky discusses the quite awesome Trading Places...

Enjoy Episode 175 of The Deucecast Movie Show!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Episode 174: The 2015 Summer Movie Preview

Help us channel our inner Fresh Prince (Mikey) and DJ Jazzy Jeff (d$) and sing with us... "Summer Summer Summer time... time to sit back and watch flicks..."  Oh, where is Pinky?  He's our Spinderella to Mikey's Salt and d$'s Pepa.  #WordUp

Anyway, speaking of summer, its time for our June through August Summer Preview, highlighting the most anticipated... and least anticipated... films coming up very, very soon.

A little Box Office Mojo starts it off, where the guys decide who wins between movie matches like "Inception" vs "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" and "The Rock" vs "Ransom" and "Big Daddy" vs "The Blair Witch Project."

Then, we kick off our official preview, with the ins and outs of... "Spy" with Melissa McCarthy... "Live from New York", the documentary about Saturday Night Live... "Jurassic World" and our love for PrattPrattPratt... "Inside Out" as the guys take on Pixar's latest efforts... apathy towards "Entourage"... Mark Ruffalo's Oscar Bait... "Ted 2" and "Magic Mike XXL"... whether anyone cares about "Terminator Genysys"... the potential for success of "Ant Man"... "Pixels", starring Adam Sandler, and only one of the hosts is looking forward to it... "Train Wreck" with Amy Schumer... "Dark Places" and why one of it's stars will keep Pinky away... "South Paw" and Mikey's and Pinky's salivating over Jake Gyllenhaal... Armie Hammer's new film "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."... the Oscar Bait potential for "Straight Outta Compton"...

Also.. "Minions"!... "Fantastic Four"!... "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation"!... and Pinky's rule on watching horror movies in the theater.

And what movies are the guys looking forward to the most, and what movies would disappoint Mikey, Pinky and d$ the most if they flopped (PS, Pinky hates "Thor").  Find out in the latest episode of The Deucecast Movie Show!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Episode 173: The All Time Top 100... #100 to 91

Really kicking off our year long series, d$, Pinky & Mikey begin the discussion of their favorite ALL TIME Movies.  The Deucecast Movie Show guys aim to count down 100 of them, ten at a time, starting here with #100.

Movies with baseball... time traveling cars... Catholicism... water parks... Legolas on a shield... Nic Cage doing funny hand moves... simple plans gone awry... and, Barton Fink.  Naturally.

You'll also find out answers to questions like, what iconic role was Sandra Bullock rejected for?  In what movie does d$ enjoy Angelina Jolie because she's not all Brad Pitty?  What Christmas movie does Mikey love and Pinky hate?  And vice versa?  And who decides to finally own the fact that "I love Erin Brockovich.  There, I said it."

These and more are discussed in this latest episode, giving you 30 films that you should see, if only because we love them so much.

And next week... the Annual Deucecast Movie Show Summer Preview!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Episode 172: The May ReFlicktions Show

It's one of our favorite formats, as The Deucecast Movie Show hosts simply talk about the movies they've seen in the last few weeks, both old and new.  Once again, movie historian and Terrence Malick Apologist Dr Earl joins the crew in studio.

Finally, after all of this time, Cesar Romero's portrayal of The Joker
gets some Mikey love.  Or at least a mention.
But first, in a little "Stay Seated or Walk Out", the discussion goes from why Will Smith may or may not still have box office mojo... can Jared Leto's Joker step out of Heath Ledger's Joker's shadow... the potential of the Beauty & The Beast Live Action film compared to Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent... and Mikey says, "...Cesar Romero?"

The newly named Denzel Game kicks off and everyone watches Pinky go down in flames... as usual in this game.

And the ReFlicktions kick off, covering Avengers: Age of Ultron... The Taking of Deborah Logan... Home... Going Clear... Ex Machina... The Judge... Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story... 2 Fast 2 Furious... The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift... Fast & Furious... Furious 7... It Follows.. Cinderella... Labor Day... The Village... Sunshine... Leap Year... Predestination... Get Hard... Moonrise Kingdom... True Story... Unbroken... And So It Goes... Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2... WarGames... Unfriended... and Cropsey... They Came Together.. Sunset Blvd

Finally, the second edition of 2015's Top Five Best Movies... where does The DUFF rank?  And does Mikey still have MacFarland USA on his list--furthermore, why?

Don't forget to download our Avengers' spoiler episode from last week, the bonus ep released over the weekend!  And next week, our Top 100 Movies of All Time series officially kicks off, with Mikey, d$ and Pinky's 100th thru 91st favorite films!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Episode 171: The Avengers Bonus Discussion (SPOILERS!!)


Quite simply, Mikey, d$ and Pinky are joined by friends of the show Dr Earl and Nikki B for a roundtable open discussion of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.


This is an episode full of spoilers... the gang gives you ample time to turn off the show if you haven't seen it, but after that, everyone dives right in, chatting about everything from the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe... what was enjoyed and disappointing about the film... why two characters are the same but different in two different movies made by different companies... will Spider-man make an appearance in an upcoming Avengers movie... easter eggs abound... and so much more.

Why was Andy Serkis in this film?  Who is he?  And could that other dude be Black Panther?  What's an Inhuman?   And a quick review of the upcoming Marvel movies in the next five years. 

Yes, we may have our facts wrong here and there, and yes, we might not be the smarted kids in the room... but we love talking Avengers, and we hope you enjoy our little bonus show!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Episode 170: Our Favorite Movie Couples

The guys are back and better than ever, as not only is Producer Shawn up in the studio with d$, Pinky, Mikey and Producer Tommy, but the aesthetics got a whole lot brighter... friend of the show Nikki B stops by the pitch in and help with show!

First, find out where Mikey's been and why his month has been so, so crazy... then in Movie Birthdays, it's hard to believe that Crimson Tide is 20 years old... then, in the Ryan Phillippe Game, Pinky throws some curve balls with actors like Hugo Weaving & Ben Kingsley and who is the one playing the game dumb enough to forget ALL the subtitles of ALL the Hobbit films?  Find out.

And Nikki brings the chick flick touch to the Top Five, as the gang discusses their Top Five Favorite Movie Couples... everyone from Robin & Marian (no, not that one, but that one)... Jack & Karen... Sam & Molly Wheat... Vincent & Mia... and more, with romance from films like Titanic to The Notebook to... The Waterboy? 

Oh, and Nikki finds out which Pride & Prejudice she should be watching.  And it's not the one with Keira Knightley.

Everyone's favorite vintage movie segment, Pretty in Pink, returns as Pinky discusses a John Cusack classic, and gets assigned another classic next up.

All in all, the love is strong and the cuteness is nigh on this edition of The Deucecast Movie Show! 

And THURSDAY... join The Deucecast Movie Show for a special BONUS episode, a spoiler filled episode all about Avengers: Age of Ultron, with special guests Nikki B and our film historian and Terence Malick apologist, Dr Earl!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Episode 169: Building a Kingdom

In a very special episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, the guys are off for a week while Mikey interviews a good friend of the show, Stan Daniel.  Stan is the owner and proprietor of the local favorite comic shop, Kingdom Comics, and opens up a bit on the state of the comic & movie industry, on how he built a comic empire from an attempt at buying an X-Men comic, the unknown origins of his co-hort Jason, and the trials and tribulations of putting together not just a comic shop, but an awesome hang out.

This episode was recorded in May of 2014, and is played back now as a special ep... regular recording sessions were cut short when Mikey had to go do something stupid like, oh, I dunno, help his wife have a baby.  Pansy.

Hope you enjoy this departure from the usual!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Episode 168: Close Encounters Intermission

It's a special version of The Deucecast Movie Picture Show, as we roll out an Intermission... a chance to spend a little time on one classic film.  This time, we take on 1977's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"!

In studio, d$, Mikey and Pinky are joined by Hurricane Rhett, who says this is one of his all time favorite films, and the gang takes on the film, it's history, behind the scenes drama, how Richard Dreyfus got the part, how director Steven Spielberg would change it if he could now and Hurricane Rhett gives a dissertation on the famous five note jingle.

Plus, you'll also hear "Dark Mashed Potato Confessions" from Mikey, and somehow, someway, Pinky steers the entire show into Lifetime movies vs Hallmark Movies, because he does that sometimes.

Enjoy this quick half hour of Deucecast awesomeness as we have ourselves a "Close Encounter!"

Monday, April 13, 2015

Episode 167: Some Childhood Favorites

The boys are back and better than ever... of course, Mikey had to bail before the episode was to begin--some nonsense about his very pregnant wife having contractions and such.  We will discuss his commitment to the show soon.

Filling in the Mikey-shaped hole, TechnoRetro Dads co-host Shazbazzar steps in as we discuss our favorite movies from when we were children.  With one growing up in the 70s/80s, another growing up in the late 80s and yet another growing up in the 90s, a wide range of films are discussed, including sharing love for The Goonies... The Secret of NIMH... The Last Unicorn... Lord of the Rings... WarGames... and does Howard the Duck hold up?  All of these and even more films you may have forgotten about.

You'll also get great discussions on the loss of Saturday morning cartoons... why ...Say Anything might not be as good as we pretend it is... a quick mention of other great Cusack films from the 80s...  who sings "Young Hearts Beat Fast" in Karate Kid... d$'s attempt to write the Mannequin novelization... Saved by the Bell... a thrilling round of Rotten Tomatoes...

And, Pinky reveals how much he loves/likes/apathetic/dislikes/hates Pee Wee's Big Adventure in Pretty in Pink!

Don't forget to check out fan and friend Craig Harmann's book, and you can download it for free by clicking here -- www.books.noisetrade.com/craigharmann/words-of-worship

Next week... an awesome Intermission of the classic film Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Monday, April 6, 2015

Episode 166: The 2015 Deucie Awards (with Reflcktions)

It's that time of year when we, at The Deucecast Movie Show, take the Academy Awards to task, and give out our own awards for the best in film of 2014... Is Birdman truly the best picture, or could Nightcrawler be it?   Will Emma Stone win a Deucie for Supporting Actress, or even best Actress?  And what was the most entertaining film of the year?  And the worst?  The best action movie?  The best sci-fi?  The best written?  And will Johnny Depp be the worst actor, or will Kevin Costner out-suck him in film?  Those answers and more are in this episode.

Plus, we have a great discussion about the roles Jennifer Aniston has taken... is there such a thing as a Cageissance, and should there be?... what movie is so bad that Paris Hilton is the best thing in it?... and who brings up McCabe & Mrs Miller

Movie historian and Terance Malickian Dr Earl joins us for this episode, as we give out awards, talk movies and give our reviews on:

Predestination... Along Came Polly... Robocop (the original)... November Man... Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day... McFarland USA... Joe... Mystic River... McCabe & Mrs Miller... The Lazerus Effect... The Other Woman... Focus... Pretty in Pink... The Machine... A Good Marriage... Big Driver... Chappie... The DUFF... The Divergent Series: Insurgent... Ida... The Hillzzzzz... Bronson... White Bird in a Blizzard... Unfinished Business... Paddington... Timbuktu... Foxcatcher... The Drop... Scre4m... Run All Night... The Dark Crystal... Domestic Disturbance... Frank... Chef... That Guy 2: That Gal Who Was in that Thing... Road Hard

And, our first edition of the Top Five of 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Episode 165: April-May Preview

There are a handful of big films, and a few smaller ones, that are hitting theaters in the next 9 weeks, and the guys at the Deucecast Movie Show are here to tell you all about them.  Mikey is out this week, but helping to fill the gap is TechnoRetro Dad's co-host Shazbazzar!

Some of the previews that d$, Pinky and Shaz cover include Aloha, the new Owen Wilson/Emma Stone flick... Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road... the potential for a wasted cast in Age of Adeline (with Harrison Ford!)... The Rock beating up an earthquake in San Andreas... and how Jennifer Aniston is the best FRIENDS actor out there.

Naturally, the guys also spend several minutes on Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Plus, topics covered in random rabbitrails include why Pinky hates trailers... serious Jonah Hill vs serious James Franco... those kids in the Coke commercial at Six Flags and the movies during trailers... d$'s Titanic video tape story... why watching Unfriended might be like picked a scab... and a guilty pleasure love for Kevin James...

And, as you would expect the show to do, a quick shoutout to The Great Space Coaster... don't miss the ending tune!

All this and more in this week's episode of The Deucecast Movie Show! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Episode 164: (not) Live from New York, It's (not) Saturday Night!

Okay, not really live from New York, though it was recorded live from our studio in Birmingham... either way, it's another fun filled episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, where this week, we celebrate the end of the 40th season of Saturday Night Live by highlighting our favorite cast members and their movie careers.

But first, Mikey & d$ are in studio (Pinky joined later) with the foreign film lover and Terrance Malick Apologist Dr Earl, and for the first time, we welcome on the horn our friend and fellow podcaster Clay Shaver, host of the popular Remodeling Clay podcast.

Many topics discussed tonight, including how Baby: Secret of a Lost Legend turned 30 this month... exactly how much is riding on The Avengers: Age of Ultron for Marvel... will DC movies fall apart if Superman v Batman fails... and a deep discussion on why Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt might be the biggest movie stars out there, and why Tom Cruise's movie stardom time has passed...

A rousing game of the newly named "Denzel Game" ensues, where we discuss much about that movie with Cameron Diaz and the sick little girl...

And finally, the topic at hand, with legends like Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy are discussed, along with their career highs and lows, plus the likes of Ben Stiller, Tina Fey, Bill Heder and more... all in our "Favorite SNL Alumni" discussion.  Who has potential to be big from here on out, and how far has the star fallen for Mike Myers?  Find out in this show.

And next week, join us when we welcome in Shazbazzar to preview April and May's coming movies, with a rousing Furious 7 chat!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Episode 163: The Rocky V Intermission

In this episode, the Deucecast Movie Show welcomes in Shotglass Digital poobah and Rocky Apologist, as well as Rebel Force Radio co-host Jimmy Mac!!

The Deucecast Movie Show prides itself on giving special attention to certain films, wrapping an entire episode around it, classic films like "North by Northwest" and "Seven Samurai" and "Dr Strangelove" and "Rocky V" and...

(insert record scratch sound here)

Wait, what?

That's right... that movie that compared to the other films in the franchise, is like the drunk uncle who the rest of the respectable family members keep locked in a bedroom during the Christmas Party... "Rocky V", where Sly Stallone brings back Rocky Balboa to be a destitute street fighter when Paulie is given financial responsibilities and screws everything up... where Rocky's son Robert ages 5 or 6 years in a matter of a few weeks of movie time... where the real ending had Rocky taking drastic measures but never happened... where Tommy Morrison might have died from AIDS... where us talking about it gives it more attention than it's gotten in a long time...

Also joining the discussion in this episode with a chime in here and there are friends of the show Jeremy and Craiggy Mac! 

Enjoy the show... its better than the movie!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Episode 162: The All Time Top 100 Prologue

Do you have a list of favorite films?  Have you ever written down your top films?  Your top 5?  Top 10?  Maybe top 25?  What about your Top 100 of All Time?

The Deucecast Movie Show hosts--Pinky, Mikey & d$--are doing just that.  After Pinky & Mikey spent a few months... and d$ spent a few years (no, seriously)... listing our favorite films of all time, a new series is beginning.  Every time the show tackles the Top 100, another ten will be released until the Top 10 favorite films of all time are known.

But first... the Prologue.  The 30 films--10 each--that just missed the cut by an ever so close margin... looking at what was almost in the Top 100, what barely, narrowly were edged out of that magical 100 mark. 

A Terminator movie just missed the cut... a big rig Patrick Swayze film didn't quite make it... Cary Grant running from a crop duster almost made it, but not quite... one big and one little monster and a cute little girl named Boo also just missed the 100... how did Thank You For Smoking make this list?  And who in the world couldn't put Die Hard on their list?!  Find out in this episode, as we give you the All Time Top 100 films that rank 101-110...

And next week, join us for a special Intermission when we are joined by Shotglass Digital's own Jimmy Mac as we give a full discussion of the all-time classic, Rocky V!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Episode 161: Winter Reflicktion Time

It's been a while since The Deucecast put forth a show with all the movies we've seen... so this is a jumbo-sized ReFlicktions show, as we blow through 59 films that you should either see, or avoid, or maybe watch, or forget about and everything in between.  Once again joined by friend of the show, local filmmaker Jeremy Burgess!

Among other things... Mikey addresses Anna Kendrick directly about her singing... we discover there is not one, not two, but three film festivals in Mississippi... we spend way too much time talking about Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis in Jupiter Ascending... the problem with Muppets: Most Wanted... Pinky dives back to the 70s with some of the movies he's seen... the first five Rocky movies... the state of Kevin Smith movies... and how Night at the Museum could have been better...

Here are the movies discussed in order:

Fanboys... Scrooged... OzLand... Into the Storm... Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb... Annie... The Interview... Big Trouble in Little China... The One I Love... Dawn of the Planet of the Apes... Video Game: the Movie... Big Eyes... The Gambler... Kramer vs Kramer... Into the Woods... Tusk... Red State... Dead Snow 2... Tammy... Earth to Echo... That Awkward Moment... The Night They Saved Christmas... Dear Zachary... There's Something About Mary...  Gone with the Wind... The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears... Bernie... In Your Eyes... Better Living Through Chemistry... Paddington... Tak3n... Election... Babbadook... The Den... Merry Friggin Christmas... Muppets Most Wanted... Walk Among the Tombstones... Rocky... Rocky II... Rocky III... Rocky IV... Rocky V... Jupiter Ascending... Kingsman Secret Service... To Be Takei... A Life in Dirty Movies... John Wick... Frank... Skanks... Fury... Calvary... The Guest... The Equalizer... The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies... Magic in the Moonlight... Lucy... The Calling... Black and White...

Join the show next week as we kick off a year long series... Dave, Mikey & Pinky's 100 Favorite Films of All Time... the "Pre Show" on Episode 162, Coming up next week!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Episode 160: The Top Ten of 2014

The Oscars have come and gone... the Deuce nominations (see episode 159) are out and will be awarded in a few weeks... it's time to put to bed the 2014 favorite films, as d$, Mikey and Pinky list the movies of 2014 they enjoyed the most.

Joining the guys in the studio is Birmingham filmmaker Jeremy Burgess and music savant and local homeboy Craig McRee.

Did you know there were almost 700 official releases to theaters in 2014?  And only a handful made over 200 million at the domestic box office... and in a game of Box Office Mojo, the guys list them out one by one.  Or try to anyway (no, Boyhood didn't even come close)

And out of the favorite films ranked in 2014, there are five--the three hosts and two guests--lists given, and ZERO movies made it on all five lists.  The LEGO Movie made three as did Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy... Foxcatcher made four lists... Gone Girl made three... Boyhood only made two... and a bunch of other films like Whiplash, Snowpiercer, Magic in the Moonlight and Birdman pop up randomly.

Plus, discussions on the foreign film appeal of The Raid 2.... Margot Robbie becoming Harley Quinn... one of our guests "Storming out"... Keanu impressions... is Foxcatcher in a Fincher style... and what does "Mikey licks The Guest" even mean?  Find out. 

And our regular show of reviews returns next week, as you'll hear about The Kingsman: Secret Service, Election, Rocky movies I - V, The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears (what the what?), The Equalizer, Lucy, Black and White and... Big Trouble in Little China!!  That's on next week's Reflicktions episode!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Episode 159: The Oscar Prediction Show

It's once again that time for our favorite award show to commence... no, not the BET Source Awards--though with Pinky, that's right on up there...

No, it's the Academy Awards, and The Deucecast Movie Show Guys are right here to break down all the categories from Sound Mixing and Sound Editing (what's the difference?!) to why Guardians of the Galaxy might not be a safe pick for the Makeup award.

Plus... its the nominations for our 2nd Annual Deucie Awards--nominations for real movie fans... best action movie... best sci-fi... best drama... worst performance (how else could Dumb & Dumber To get two nominations)... and so much more, sprinkled throughout the show. 

The guys invite in local filmmaker Jeremy Burgess ("Dead Saturday"--check it out), along with friend of the show Craig McRee, both avid film lovers, to pitch in and help wade through all the movies nominated.

Along the way, you'll find out how old Revenge with Kevin Costner is... and Debra Messing's The Wedding Date... how badly Pinky hates The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and loves Superman III... and why Eric Roberts coming to town is a big deal.

The guys introduce a new segment called "Stay Seated or Walk Out". Rehash topics on the snubbing of Selma for most awards, Johnny Depp's leading man potential, and then wonder about Michael Keaton's potential for winning Best Actor based on performance... or career (Denzel, anyone?)

Category by category nominations are discussed and predictions are made, including an in depth discussion of each of the 8 Best Picture nominees... The Theory of Everything... Selma... the glory of Birdman... the wonder of Keira Knightly in The Imitation Game... J.K. Simmon's intensity in Whiplash... whether American Sniper is overrated... whether The Grand Budapest Hotel is too quirky for it's own good... and, of course, the three hosts and two guests butt heads over a little film called Boyhood.

And if you are listeners "Rail Ranger", "Casey Lewis" or "Rick Theule", contact us at TheDeucecast@gmail.com to claim your movie passes, as you are winners! You have until March 4th to let us know where you are!!

And join us next week as we finally say goodbye to 2014, counting down our 10 favorite from the year.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Episode 158: The RomCom Spectacular

We are three guys who dare to ask the tough questions... like, we know we only use 10% of our brains... but what if we only use 10% of our hearts?
It's the Valentine's Episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, as we set forth to talk about great romantic comedies... and to help us do that, we invite in the biggest ol' softy that we know, Steve Glosson making another appearance from Geek Out Loud.
Some of the randomness that is discussed before we even get to the RomCom countdown includes:
  • Defending the Prequels
  • The Love of Michael Bolton
  • Carrying a Watermelon, Dirty Dancing Style
  • Steve Glosson's background and why he's the geek he is
  • The problem with "Love means never having to say you're sorry"
  • Can you be a Christ Follower and not like Courageous?
There is also a crazy game of Rotten Tomatoes, with the chick flick theme...

And then, the romantic comedies we love the most, including The American President... 50 First Dates... Chasing Amy... You've Got Mail... and Die Hard.  Wait, Die Hard?  And True Lies?  What the...?

Plus, Pinky pays off the Valentine's Day Movie assignments... how much did he really like The Way We Were and what does he truly think about Somewhere in Time?
Find out by downloading this week's awesome episode!
And next week, the Official Deucecast Movie Show Oscar Predictions, and... the nominations for the 2nd Annual Deucie Awards...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Episode 157: Our Favorite Disney Characters

Another fine episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, this time with so much magic mixed in!  We'll be talking about our favorite Disney characters of all time, and to do it right, we bring in Steve and Teresa from Disney Vault Talk.

In this show, Teresa tells the world of her geek roots... someone says, "You can never have too many Ugnaughts"... Steve does a breakdown of why Bossk's ship was not actually Bossk's ship... all of us throw down on a Disney centered game of Box Office Mojo... and of course, discussions of great Hercules characters... Rhino from Bolt... whether The Rescuers or The Rescuers Down Under are better... multiple Robin Hood mentions... and... Archimedes?! 

And somewhere along the way, we get sidetracked with Care Bears, Wuzzles, Popples and Colorforms with the original Smurfs, Mikey bouncing around the room in a sleeping back with his boyhood pals, Steve's Tigger stories, and the fact that Pinky has no idea toys existed before 1994.

Plus, is The Nightmare Before Christmas part of the original Disney lineup?  Find out here and why.

Next week!  Steve Glosson comes back for one more show as we open our hearts and emotions and talk about our favorite romantic comedies, plus what does Pinky think of the sappy chick flicks he was given to watch?  Find out on Episode 158 next week!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Episode 156 -- The Best Worst January Movies

We might say "Episode 155" in the episode... it is definitely "Episode 156"... so bear with us...

What an exciting few weeks coming up on The Deucecast Movie Show!  This week, Mikey, Pinky & d$ invite to the show the awesome Steve and the fantastic Teresa, both from multiple podcasts on Shotglass Digital!

You'll find Steve as Emperor Poobah of the Geek Out Loud Universe... the GOLiverse, if you will... as he hosts and co-hosts Geek Out Loud, Mark Out Loud, Rock Out Loud and more, plus he co-hosts Disney Vault Talk with Teresa Delgado, who also co-hosts Fangirls Going Rogue and several others.

The whole gang kicks off a game of Ryan Phillippe with the movies of Michael Keaton, Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and... well, more!  A few birthday movies tells us how old "The Falcon & the Snowman" actually is, then we dive into our favorite films released in January...

Considered a "dumping ground" for movies, January has actually offered up some great movies over the years, from "The Book of Eli" to "Hard Rain" to... yes, "Beverly Hills Ninja".

Some of the other things that get extensive discussion include... The better Hulk?  Bana or Norton... or Bixby?  Scoot McNairy and Steve's obsession with the name...  the return of The Great Tombstone Debate... Teresa's crying emojis... the legacy of Pacino & DeNiro with the later films of both...

And, we spend more time on The Spice Girls and "Spice World" than we'd care to admit, but you know you want to listen.

Finally... you'll hear the controversial, anger-inducing affair known simply as "The Red Tails Discussion".  Listen at your own peril.

Next week... Steve & Teresa join us again as we theme the show to Disney, and our favorite animated characters!

Also,  thanks to Clay Shaver of the Remodeling Clay Podcast, at www.remodelingclay.com, for assistance with show art.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Leave a Review, Win a Gift Card!

We are in a membership drive of sorts... we want to see The Deucecast Movie Show in the Top 200 TV & Film podcasts on iTunes, and heck, maybe even the overall list!  And we need YOUR help.

We are doing our first ever Deucecast contest, and here's what you do--go to iTunes and leave us a review.  That's it.  Search "The Deucecast", find the show, and leave a review.  We would love 5 stars, but you do what you gotta go... leave one word, leave 100, whatever, but we need reviews!  If you subscribe, it won't give you any advantage in winning, but it would still be great.

Contest started at 7pm, January 16th, CST, and will end at Friday, February 13th, 2015, at 659pm... all reviewers who leave a review within that time frame on iTunes will have their name tossed into a hat, once each, and we'll draw four names out. 

Each of those four names will win a $10 Movie Pass to your local theater--we have Carmike around here, but if you haven't something else, we'll make it happen.  Free movie for you, reviews for us!  No purchase necessary, you just have to have access to iTunes!  Good luck!

We welcome reviews from everyone and all over, but we can only ship the prizes to those in the United States.  Spouses, siblings, kids and parents of the three co-hosts, d$, Mikey & Pinky, and the two producers, Tommy and Shawn, are not eligible to win.

Episode 155 -- Intermission: Taxi Driver

With the Oscar nominations just out, with our own show's awards ("The Deucies") looming, so much is happening, we are taking a step back and prepping for everything to come.  So this week, we take a quick break by giving you a shorter episode, an Intermission discussion on the Robert DeNiro classic Taxi Driver from 1976.

Mikey, Pinky & Movie Historian The Honorable Dr. Earl dive into Martin Scorcese's early masterpiece, with DeNiro playing legendary character Travis Bickle as the renegade cabbie.  d$ is out of the studio for this slice of movie history, and Mikey takes the hosting lead this time around.

Starring not only DeNiro, but also Jodie Foster (as a teen prostitute!), Albert Brooks (with a huge fro') and even Peter Boyle (waaaay before "Everybody Loves Raymond") makes an appearance as well. 

Its the movie that John Hinkley cited as an influence for his assassination of John Lennon, full of violence and 70s film noir... should you see it?  Listen to our discussion and decide for yourself.

And next week, two very special guests join us in the studio for a great discussion of January films and the return of Ryan Phillippe!!