Monday, February 2, 2015

Episode 157: Our Favorite Disney Characters

Another fine episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, this time with so much magic mixed in!  We'll be talking about our favorite Disney characters of all time, and to do it right, we bring in Steve and Teresa from Disney Vault Talk.

In this show, Teresa tells the world of her geek roots... someone says, "You can never have too many Ugnaughts"... Steve does a breakdown of why Bossk's ship was not actually Bossk's ship... all of us throw down on a Disney centered game of Box Office Mojo... and of course, discussions of great Hercules characters... Rhino from Bolt... whether The Rescuers or The Rescuers Down Under are better... multiple Robin Hood mentions... and... Archimedes?! 

And somewhere along the way, we get sidetracked with Care Bears, Wuzzles, Popples and Colorforms with the original Smurfs, Mikey bouncing around the room in a sleeping back with his boyhood pals, Steve's Tigger stories, and the fact that Pinky has no idea toys existed before 1994.

Plus, is The Nightmare Before Christmas part of the original Disney lineup?  Find out here and why.

Next week!  Steve Glosson comes back for one more show as we open our hearts and emotions and talk about our favorite romantic comedies, plus what does Pinky think of the sappy chick flicks he was given to watch?  Find out on Episode 158 next week!

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