Monday, February 23, 2015

Episode 160: The Top Ten of 2014

The Oscars have come and gone... the Deuce nominations (see episode 159) are out and will be awarded in a few weeks... it's time to put to bed the 2014 favorite films, as d$, Mikey and Pinky list the movies of 2014 they enjoyed the most.

Joining the guys in the studio is Birmingham filmmaker Jeremy Burgess and music savant and local homeboy Craig McRee.

Did you know there were almost 700 official releases to theaters in 2014?  And only a handful made over 200 million at the domestic box office... and in a game of Box Office Mojo, the guys list them out one by one.  Or try to anyway (no, Boyhood didn't even come close)

And out of the favorite films ranked in 2014, there are five--the three hosts and two guests--lists given, and ZERO movies made it on all five lists.  The LEGO Movie made three as did Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy... Foxcatcher made four lists... Gone Girl made three... Boyhood only made two... and a bunch of other films like Whiplash, Snowpiercer, Magic in the Moonlight and Birdman pop up randomly.

Plus, discussions on the foreign film appeal of The Raid 2.... Margot Robbie becoming Harley Quinn... one of our guests "Storming out"... Keanu impressions... is Foxcatcher in a Fincher style... and what does "Mikey licks The Guest" even mean?  Find out. 

And our regular show of reviews returns next week, as you'll hear about The Kingsman: Secret Service, Election, Rocky movies I - V, The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears (what the what?), The Equalizer, Lucy, Black and White and... Big Trouble in Little China!!  That's on next week's Reflicktions episode!

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