Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Episode 178: Movie Musical Scenes feat. Paige Davis

The guys join together to talk about a topic that may be foreign to a couple of them... not just musical movies, but musical scenes from movies, whether its a musical or not. 

Not only do d$, Mikey and Pinky need to bring in some help, in the form of Nikki B and the resident Terrence Malick apologist and classic movie historian, Dr. Earl, but for this great topic, we needed to pull in the experts...

None other than Paige Davis herself, she of TV (Trading Spaces, OWN network), Broadway fame (Beauty & the Beast, Chicago), stage play (Dancing Lessons) and a great blogger and writer in her own right... Paige calls in to discuss all the music in movies fit to discuss.

The lists vary from High Fidelity's Jack Black and his Marvin Gaye impression to Ferris Bueller atop a float to Baby carrying a watermelon to Lloyd Dobler and his boombox... but lest we forget the older films too, like West Side Story, Meet Me In St. Louis, The Sound of Music, and Sister Act II: Back in the Habit? Seriously? 

Paige also shares great little stories of working with Eddie Redmayne onstage, being a back up dancer with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys and her issues with Les Miserables the movie.

And somehow, we manage a Pretty in Pink with Pinky discussing "The Last Unicorn". 

All in all, a great episode that we know you will love, whether you like musicals or not!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Episode 177: Comics to Movies

Back and better than ever, The Deucecast Movie Show brings you the best in titillating movie conversation and deep film discussion!  Mikey, Pinky & d$ are joined by frequent contributors The Enchanting Nikki B & Dr Earl, our resident film historian and Terrence Malick Apologist.

First up, a round of The IMDb Game, where towards the end, things go completely haywire, numbers are flying and #mathing is hard...

I can tell you who did NOT make the list of fave comic character
film adaptations...
Then, an extended version of Stay Seated / Walk Out, which poses random cinematic questions and the crew decides whether it's viable...

Is The Rock the most bankable action star in Hollywood?  Should Vin Diesel keep making Furious movies?  How does Sam Worthington compare to Tom Hardy and his luscious lips?  And what's at stake for Pixar's "Inside Out" when it comes to stacking up with Disney's animated classics? 

The main topic is "Fave Comics to Movies" when it comes to comic characters... how does Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine in the films compare to the character in the pages of the comics?  What about Robert Downey Jr?  And of course, Samuel L. Jackson, who was the inspiration for a modern retooling of a character that he ended up playing in the films themselves... and many many more.  Heck, even Karl Urban and Jackie Earle Haley gets some love!

Finally... who do you cast as the new Spider-man?  The Deucecast Movie Show has a few ideas...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Episode 176: June ReFlicktions

We welcome you back to the usual ReFlicktions show, where the guys--d$, Mikey and Pinky--discuss all the movies they've seen in the last few weeks... joining them this time are friends of the show Terrence Malick Apologist and Movie Historian The Good Doctor Earl, and the lovely and enchanting Nikki B.

Diving right in, movies that are discussed are:

Ex Machina... Pitch Perfect 2... Wet Hot American Summer... The Big Bounce... Wolf Cop... Enough Said... A Simple Plan... Top Gun (yes, Pinky had never seen it...)...  the remake of Poltergeist... The Woman in Black 2 (or was it Red?  Black?  Who cares, it sucked)... A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (the world's best Iranian vampire western)... Tracks... And the Oscar Goes To... Galaxy Quest (and how it stacks up against Spaceballs)... Goon... Donnie Brasco... Intersteller (Nikki B simply says, "....um... yeah...")... The Treasure of the Sierra Madre... Tinkerbell & the Neverbeast... Amadeus... Deep Blue Sea... The Punk Singer... Disconnect...

Also, in-depth looks at "Tomorrowland", featuring the new Jennifer Lawrence (according to Mikey), named Britt Something or Other... the amount of Easter Eggs in the film... Pinky's issue with the "preachiness" of the movie... the problems that will come with the low box office totals...

Thoughts on Reese Witherspoon's casting of Tinkerbell in the live action "Tinkerbell"...

Why "San Andreas" is Mikey's new favorite disaster movie and why d$ calls it "a smart stupid movie"...

And the glory and spectacle that is "Mad Max: Fury Road".  Mad Freakin' Max.  Awesome.

Coming up next week on The Deucecast Movie Show Episode 177, comic book character adaptations to the silver screen!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Episode 175: Non-Disney Animation

The gang is back, with Mikey, Pinky & d$ set to take you into another excursion into movie madness, this time joined by the best looking thing in the room, the Enchanting Nikki B.  Tonight, the gang takes on animated films, but not just any animated films... no, taking out anything Disney and then ranking their favorites from what's left.

First, birthday movies remind us how old movies like The Goonies, Pocahontas and Toy Story 3 are... a great game of Movie Battle of the Sexes features Mikey & Pinky teaming up to try and knock out Nikki with questions on topics from Rambo movies to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Then, the Non-Disney Animation talk, highlighting great classics like The Secret of Nimh... The LEGO Movie... Shrek... The Iron Giant... and... Beavis & Butthead?  Yup.  All in there. 

Also enjoy random jags on the explosion of Transformer toys in 1987... d$'s own personal Land Before Time horror story... Nikki's love of Tom Hanks... Leo DiCaprio being a Lothario, or Leothario... Mikey's gushing over The Last Unicorn... and in Pretty in Pink, Pinky discusses the quite awesome Trading Places...

Enjoy Episode 175 of The Deucecast Movie Show!