Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Episode 296: Goodbye Pinky (maybe) ReFlicktions

The guys are back and more movie-er than ever, as Pinky, Mikey & Dave come in to discuss all the movies seen since the last time they discussed movies they'd seen.  But they don't like doing it alone, as they invite in Friend of the Show, resident Wit Stillman fan, Brie Lover (Alison, Larsen & the cheese), Terence Malick apologist, film historian and world renowned pituitary gland surgeon Dr. Earl, and then Friend of the Show

Birthday movies kick off the show, including celebrating (!) the 5, 10, 15, 20 and more year anniversaries of gems like Swimf@n, Captain Ron, Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever and Amityville II: The Possession.

Discussions including Jake LaMotta... The Rocky series, especially the original... the worst movie Dave has ever assigned Mikey... R-Pat & K-Stew... the definitive werewolf performances... Burgess hates Aaron Taylor-Johnson... whoever the crap Tom Ford is... some of the origins of IT... the look of the re-issue of Close Encounters... Dave's favorite movie of the year... and lots of Colors.

And a deep discussion about the movie Burgess describes as "Glorious trash"

Oh, and more Tickled talk!

Movies discussed include: Raging Bull... Checkpoint... Chopping Mall... Good Time... American Werewolf in London... 13 Conversations About One Thing... The Founder... Once Bitten... The Belko Experiment... Tickled... Peggy Sue Got Married... Arthur... Stephen King's IT... Death Note... Close Encounters of the Third Kind (re-release)... Creed... Wind River... Young Frankenstein... Becoming Bond...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Episode 295: Sidewalk Review // Fall Movie Preview

Welcome back to the best movie podcast you're listening to at this very moment, with Mikey, Dave, and Pinky attempting to tickle your movie senses.

Joining the guys in-studio is both Wit Stillman Fan, Terrence Malick Apologist, Lover of All Things Brie (Alison, Larsen, Cheese), Film Historian Extraordinaire & World Renowned Urologist Dr Earl, and then Miss Independent, Friend of the Show Jeremy Burgess.

After a quick introduction, plus a rundown of movies that have eminated from Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Fest, and a shout out to Mr Worldwide Pit Bull, the guys get into a rousing round of The Ryan Phillippe Game -- Morgan Freeman! Steven Spielberg! Kevin Spacey!  And much more, including a Triggered Dr. Earl.

A Sidewalk Film Fest brings a quick review of several movies that ran in the annual film festival in Birmingham, including the Whitney Houston documentary "Can I Be Me?", the Baltimore step-team doc "Step", some Yiddish language movie that only Burgess could love, and a flick that hit theaters over the summer, "A Ghost Story".

Then, the Fall Movie Preview, taking you from September to November and all the major films set to debut in theaters.

Among topics and movies discussed... The genius of Ed Harris... Stephen King movies... 70s tennis... Tom Cruise's strange role... "mother!"'s strange trailer... a lesson on Denis Villenueve's name... another Noah Baumbach film about family... "The Justice League Cloverfield"... Greta Gerwig... Burgess' top Indy films coming soon... Frances McDormands Oscar chances...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Episode 294: Forgotten Childhood Movies (ft Gina Grad)

In one of the greatest "Gets" in The Deucecast Movie Show history, Dave & Mikey & Pinky invite in Gina Grad, co-host of 100.3 The Sound in LA, and "news chicks" from The Adam Carolla Show.

First up, Gina gives her almost-spot-on and more comical-than-you-would-think Gwen Stefani impression, then the guys and Gina play a round of IMDb -- starting at the bottom of an actor or actress' IMDb body of work, each movie is called out from the beginning to the current day.

Including the possible first ever utterance of the name "Gregory Hines".

Then, everyone dives into the topic for the night, movies big in the guys' (and Gina's) childhood, but are never talked about... no "Ghostbusters" or "The Goonies" or "Star Wars"... but... movies that should "Fair is fair!"... movies that feed Dave's childhood crush on Nancy McKeon, in a movie that would be horrific today... bad dinosaur graphics... weird family relations in the attic... Sandy Duncan & the glass eye... movie poster artistry... and who does Gina call "an American treasure"?

Plus Troop Beverly Hills!
Meredith Salinger vs Jami Gertz!
Keep Forgettin' The Doobie Brothers!
Mary Gross & FEDs!!
The Michael J Fox oeuvre!
Gina Grad's Solarplexes!!
Vintage Dabney Coleman!!
And Gina shrieks over Scott Schwartz!!!

Oh, and "The Peanut Butter Solution".

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Episode 293: Movies We Should Have Seen (with Garrison Ryfun)

It's time to pull back the curtains as the hosts of your favorite movie podcast, The Deucecast Movie Show, and give you some secrets... as in, Mikey, Dave and Pinky reveal to the world movies they have NOT seen.

And to curb the embarrassment, they invite in Friend of the Show, Spawn of Scott Ryfun, young Garrison Ryfun to chime in with the films he's ashamed to admit he's never watched.

A round of Denzel starts the show off, and then, all talk about the movies that the guys ought to have watched by now.

Classic movies!  Recent movies!  Old school and new school!

Plus, what ARE the Blues Brothers running from?  What is Edward Norton's best role? Does Mikey hate Robert Redford?  Did FF Coppola get stupid after Godfather movies? What is so uncomfortable about "Deliverance"?  And how much blame does Scott Ryfun take for his son not seeing the classics?

Then... the battle of the Padawans... who has seen more films between Pinky & Garrison?

Finally, America's favorite movie segment involving OMD music and Molly Ringwald... Pinky discusses the 80s cult classic "Willow".