Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Episode 191: Top 100... 60 to 51

Another entry into the Top 100 Series, as we reach the 1/2 way point into our year long countdown of the  top 100 films of all time.

Not the "best films", obviously, as you likely wouldn't see "While You Were Sleeping" on any "Greatest Films Ever" list... but its on d$'s list.  So is a great DeNiro/Grodin 80s classic, a Stephen King novella turned movie and why in the world is there a clip featuring Sally Field and Olympia Dukakis?  Get ready for the Magnolias.

Pinky reels out his a favorite Chris Nolan movie, an Emma Stone modern classic and takes the show to Monstropolis.

Mikey discusses one of his favorite Kevin Smith films, a John Cusack movie right on point, and his affinity for Bruce Campbell.   All in all, 30 films discussed, and the countdown rolls on!

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