Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Episode 257: 2016's Christmas Gifts to the Stars

Another year is winding down, and the generosity of Mikey, Pinky, Dave and guest Remodling Clay Shaver knows no ending.

It's the annual episode where the hosts of the show (and guests) give out Christmas gifts to the celebrities and movie stars who need a little Christmas cheer.

First up, Remodeling Clay, who's words will discount or qualify the validity of a song when it comes to the "Christmas" label, gives his take on a classic by The Eagles.

The presents flow readily... gifts for Amy Adams... Bradley Cooper... Brendan Fraser... Kevin Hart... the cast of Ice Age... Marvel... John Cena... M Night Shymalan... even Vanessa Hudgens... and someone gives a gift to themselves, involving Dermot Mulrooney.  Wait, Dylan McDermont. Wait, Dermot McDermot. Um... Dylan Muldermot?  Well, crap. You know that guy.

And does James Cameron need an epiphany? Should Crackle have the ability to make Oscar nominated films?  Can there be a "no fly" list for reboots?  Find out in this ep (spoiler: The answer is Yes to all three)

Thanks for a great year, thanks for listening, subscribing and being a Deucecast Movie Show Fan!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Episode 256: Merry Christmas ReFlicktions

Once a month, Mikey, Pinky, and Dave bring you a very long episode... not just because they are long winded, but because they have lots of movies to talk about.  All the films seen in the last 3 to 4 weeks!  And as per usual with ReFlicktions, they invite in Remodeling Clay podcast host Clay Shaver to say hello and hang out with the group.

Among the topics discussed this month:  The dissertation of Wham!'s "Last Christmas"... Jerry Lewis movies... coming up in the video game doc series... the stress you might face in Norway... Harry Potter chit chat... what's wrong with Kevin Smith... bad app movies... hot Dune action... a quick OJ Simpson take... being gay "in the hood"... The Rock, animated... and a serious discussion on race relations and documentaries in that area... and the Oscar buzz is in the air!

Movies reviewed & discussed:
The Trust... Man vs Snake: The Long & Twisted Tale of Nibbler... Eye in the Sky... American Dreamz... My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn (doc)... Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them... Queen Mimi... Heavy Weights... Kubo & the Two Strings... Hacksaw Ridge... Yoga Hosers... True Memoirs of an International Assassin... The Angry Birds Movie... Dune... Uncle Nick... Now You Don't (now you see me 2)... 13th (doc)... Who Framed Roger Rabbit?... Keanu... Spies Like Us... Moonlight... Nocturnal Animals... Moana... Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing... Loving... Trumbo

The guys list their ongoing top five of the year, while Remodeling Clay brings us an overview of "The Golden Child" in Be Kind // Rewind

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Episode 255: Care Bears & Christmas Guilty Pleasures

Its that time... Christmastime is here... everybody knows, there's not a better time of year...

So says Mavis Staples from Christmas Vacation, and Mikey, Pinky and Dave agree!  The guys welcome in Friend of the Show and Disney Media Mogul Jennifer Kaufman to talk all about their favorite guilty pleasures full of cheer!

First up, birthday movies!  2001 was a huge year, apparently, and "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly" is how old??

Then a little Box Office Mojo, figuring out what the top domestic box office movies are for the year 2016.

And then, the Christmas movies that aren't good... but are beloved.  Movies with Santa and Katie Heigl and The Ref and Vince Vaughn and Rankin & Bass and the difference in Arthur and Arthur and more bad Nic Cage and reindeer and Reindeer Games...

And... Care Bears.  So much Care Bears talk...

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Episode 254: Family Gatherings

It's the holiday season, and whoop de doo, and hickory dock... Mikey, Dave, and Pinky are kicking off the Christmas month with Friend of the Show, the Delightful Lifer herself, Disney mogul and mom to (insert insane number here), Jennifer Kaufman!

First up, it's a Holly Jolly themed round of bDMI, aka, "Reverse IMDb"!  Reading the names of the actors listed in a Christmas film, as appearing on IMDb's movie pages, you get to name that film!

Then, onto family gatherings... and the interpretation of the topic is varied.  Some lists are "family dinner scenes", other lists are "movies where families come together" and still others are just "family scenes"...

Enjoy families celebrated in movies like The Wedding Crashers... The Descendants... Guess Who's Coming to Dinner... The Royal Tenenbaums... and even Beetlejuice and... Indiana Jones?

Plus, some Disney chatter... starting a Disney podcast and listening to any other podcasts... updates on building Kaufman's Top 100... how the movie watching goals are faring...