Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Episode 185: Top 100... 80 thru 71

Back when Lindsay Lohan was awesome, beautiful,
wonderful and normal.  And check out those hotties
in the back.
The numbers get smaller, and the hits just keep getting bigger (RIP, Casey Kasem)... it's another Top 100 Favorite Films episode, as Mikey, Pinky & d$ give you their 80th favorite films.  Then their 79th... followed by their 78th... and even though mathing is hard, you'll see where this ends up, all the way down to 71...

After a quick trip into the films of Rob Schneider in a "See This Not That" segment, the fave films start coming... who is the pansy who loves The Blind Side?   Who is the weirdo who loves Little Miss Sunshine so much?  And who truly is "MagnoliaFan69"?  Abigail Breslin makes two appearances this time around, as does Sandra Bullock, while music from The George Baker Selection, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross and even Ray Stevens is heard, another film is crossed over on two lists and listen to Mikey's list carefully... something just doesn't line up (but it will make sense in a (back to the) future episode, we promise!

Oh, and Mikey says "Woody Harrelanaissance".  Don't ask why.  Or how.

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