Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Episode 192: Breakthrough Roles

Back and awesome, d$, Mikey & Pinky join together at The Deucecast Studios Central, joined by movie historian & Terrence Malick Apologist the honorable Doctor Earl, and the gang is here to discuss favorite "Breakthrough" roles.

First, a little round of the newest movie game sensation that's sweeping the nation... or the studios anyway... Chronology.  Put the movies in order and you win the game... bad Sandler! Bad King! Overly long Costner flicks!  And even Pinky's Potables!

Then, a discussion of favorite first big roles in movies... not necessarily the first roles, but the first big roles.  And along with movie discussions come movie controversies... as in... if you've never heard of a Nicole Kidman movie, could it be consider a breakout role?  Is Bob Falfa really Harry Ford's first big role, or just a stepping stone to Star Wars?  Do we like fat Jonah Hill or Skinny Jonah Hill?  Do we really need both Margot Robbie AND Rosamund Pike?   Also... early Kate Winslet... early Michael Keaton... early Audrey Hepburn... and much, much more.

Pretty in Pink takes on the movie Fletch, and find out if Pinky loved, liked, meh, disliked or hated this Chevy Chase classic... and finally...

Miketober is here!  Our 2nd Annual MikeTober Movie Fest commences, as Mikey picks up his horror movie assignments for the month of October.  Dr Earl gives his picks, along with friends of the show Shaz & Shua and Remodeling Clay Shaver, as well as Pinky and d$'s horror choices for Mikey's viewing terror.

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