Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Episode 513: Lumps of Coal 2021

In an annual tradition, out of the dozens of movies the Deucecast loved... and out of the hundreds of movies The Deucecast guys liked... there are those that just didn't land, or maybe even crashed and burned in a spectacularly bad way.

Mikey, d$, and The Surgical Dr Earl welcome in the Spawn of Ryfun, Lil G Dawg, to discuss the bad, the terrible, the horrible, and the worst movies seen all year long. 

First up, a few "gifts" from the previous episode, as Dr Earl and Lil G discuss whatever the crap Malick is doing, while d$ gives Dr Earl his epic present for the year.  And Dr Earl hands out some gifts of his very own! 

Then, a look at the worst of the worst, with bad Tom Holland... worst Anne Hathaway... crap Marvel films... sucktastic remakes... horrifically bad horror flicks... awful Lebron... a Costas Mandylor film... disappointing Jessie Spano... boring Hugh Jackman... the well made, good movies that d$ just didn't like, or get, the Nic Cage movie that broke Lil G... 

And the Bruce Willis film that broke Mikey.
  • The Ascent (Criterion Channel)
  • The Banana Splits Movie (for rental, but don't)
  • Chaos Walking (Hulu)
  • Cherry (AppleTV+)
  • The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Garrison Watch It (HBO Max)
  • Cosmic Sin (Netflix) 
  • Dear Evan Hanson (for rental, but maybe you shouldnt) 
  • Diabolique (1996) (Amazon Prime)
  • Ernest Saves Christmas (Disney+)
  • Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (for rental)
  • Eternals (for rental in January on Disney+)
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance  (for rental)
  • Hitman Bodyguard's Wife (for rental)
  • HBO Max (HBO Max)
  • Joseph & Mary (TubiTV; for rental)
  • Lawrence of Arabia (for rental)
  • Locked Down (HBO Max)
  • The Movie Going Audience (most mirrors)
  • New Mutants (HBO Max)
  • Reminiscence  (for rental, but don't)
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy (HBO Max)
  • Swimf@n (for rental)
  • Thunder Force (Netflix)
  • Tom & Jerry (HBO Max)
  • Those Who Wish Me Dead (HBO Max)
  • A Week Away (Netflix)
  • Willy's Wonderland (Hulu)
  • You Don't Nomi (for rental)

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Episode 512: Christmas Gifts 2021

If you listen to the episode, you may recognize the opening theme, the best time of the year, when the Deucecast Movie Show plays the official Christmas theme of the show.  It truly is a Marshmallow World.

Dave and Mikey, sans #TwitterlessDrEarl, are here once again to give out their annual Christmas gifts to the stars, and joining the show for the second time in the Christmas season, it's Spawn of Ryfun, Lil G himself Garrison Ryfun.

First up, a quick conversation on Spider-Man No Way Home, then a round of Box Office Mojo, looking at the biggest money makers of 2021...

Then the guys begin to give out the gifts!  Ridley Scott has a present to open, if he can take it without telling Garrison to F off... Bruce Willis finds out that some gifts are harder to receive than others... Garrison plays piecemaker between Hobbs and Dom... and Dave has a few films to dish out to the group.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Episode 511: tick tick Reflicktions

Feliz Navidad and all that to the masses!  Mikey, d$ and the #TwitterlessDrEarl record another great episode with all the movies seen in the last several weeks.

Topics Discussed...

Wahlberg's good roles... Amy Adams (who d$ is in love with)... Will Smith's Oscar chances... The Wes Studi of 50s Hollywood... Mikey and the Velvet Underground... musicals reign supreme... Andrew Garfield's big year... getting back with The Beatles... 

Plus... a special deal only for Deucecast listeners for booking your travel!! 

And RIP Mike Nesmith

Movies discussed, with where to find them at time of recording!

  • 8-Bit Christmas (HBO Max)
  • The Bourne Legacy (HBO Max)
  • Breaking News in Yuba County (Hulu; Paramount+)
  • Bruised (Netflix)
  • C'mon C'mon (in theaters)
  • Encounter (Amazon Prime)
  • Encanto (in theaters)
  • The Eyes of Tammy Faye (for rental)
  • Get Back (Disney+)
  • Ghostbusters Afterlife (in theaters)
  • The House of Gucci (in theaters)
  • Joe Bell (Amazon Prime)
  • Julie & Julia (STARZ)
  • King Richard (HBO Max)
  • Mixtape (Netflix)
  • The Most Reluctant Convert (in theaters)
  • Passing (Netflix)
  • The Power of the Dog (Netflix)
  • Queenpins (Showtime; Paramount+)
  • Revolution Rent (HBO Max)
  • Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It (Netflix)
  • Robin Robin (Netflix)
  • Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas (Netflix)
  • Sing 2 (in theaters)
  • The Sparks Brothers (Netflix)
  • The Summer of Soul (Hulu)
  • tick, tick... BOOM! (Netflix)
  • The Unforgivable (Netflix)
  • The Velvet Underground (AppleTV+)
  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage (in theaters)
  • West Side Story (in theaters)

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Episode 510: Christmas Movie Families

Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays to the Deucecast Family!

It's the annual Christmas list episode, and Dave, Mikey, and #TwitterlessDrEarl keep with tradition and bring on one of our favorite past and future guests, Carnegie Hall showstopper, podcaster, mother of an undisclosed amount of offspring, and the voice the d$ has a crush on -- Jennifer Kaufman!

Kaufman checks in with her latest, this time calling from the road, as Dave dives in with birthday movies (La La Land is legit 5 years old... and Jerry Maguire is 25... what...) and then a Hallmark themed round of Faux or Shaux... which movie titles are real, and which are unreal.

Finally, the movie families that each of the crew would want to spend their holidays with... from a super time with the Parrs to the richness of the Faders to having a wonderful life at Christmas to a holiday in the upper West side to Earl's pretentiousness overall to Jennifer with a Colin/Hugh choice to happy Sirius.

It's a fantastic time, a fun hour of laughs and movie memories, and even a little magic tossed in there.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Episode 509: The Christmas Movie Role Tourney

It's that time... Christmas time is here... it's time for Christmas vacation!

Well, not quite... but almost! On the first day of December, Mike, d$, and #TwitterlessDrEarl kicks off the month of Festive Movie Cheer with the first of several Christmas episodes... and this one is a doozy, as the trio tries to determine the best Christmas movie role of all time.  And yes, this is part of the Big Bracket Canon, that being the winner advances to the 32 movie role Big Bracket, now tentatively planned for September 2023...

Expect the long shots -- the JTTs and the Refs and those with handcuffs for the holidays.  And the classics, including Santa, good and Bad, and Clause, and a Prime Minister and both Sally AND Harry. And of course, the favorites, the Buddys, the Ralphies, the Kevins, the Clarks of the season.

One by one, they are pitted against each other, with votes being cast to determine who moves on, who is out, and which Christmas movie character stands tall at the end.