Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Episode 186: Top 100... 70 thru 61

"What do you mean I get several mentions on this week's episode?!"
From the mind of M Night Shyamalan...

"It's a piece of crap... but I really liked it!" says Pinky about this sequel to one of his favorite films of all time... which movie?  Find out by listening to the latest Top 100 episode, with Mikey, Pinky & d$ giving their all time favorites -- not the Best Films Ever but Favorites -- including the coolest truck of the 80s... Mikey's inability to count properly (thus a throwback to the last Top 100 episode)... 

Also, the improbably deus ex machina ending of Field of Dreams... having a school boy crush on Hayley Mills... a film that Pinky loves as much as Mikey hates... the talent of Charles Groden... how to see Bugs Bunny & Mickey Mouse in the same frame... d$'s special attachment to Con Air... why Pinky is ruining the country... the three movies d$ saw first...

Discussion on movies like Toy Story... Mary Poppins... Heat... Jurassic Park... and much more.

Plus... is Adam Sandler the new M Night Shyamalan?

Oh, and Corey Haim.

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