Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Leave a Review, Win a Gift Card!

We are in a membership drive of sorts... we want to see The Deucecast Movie Show in the Top 200 TV & Film podcasts on iTunes, and heck, maybe even the overall list!  And we need YOUR help.

We are doing our first ever Deucecast contest, and here's what you do--go to iTunes and leave us a review.  That's it.  Search "The Deucecast", find the show, and leave a review.  We would love 5 stars, but you do what you gotta go... leave one word, leave 100, whatever, but we need reviews!  If you subscribe, it won't give you any advantage in winning, but it would still be great.

Contest started at 7pm, January 16th, CST, and will end at Friday, February 13th, 2015, at 659pm... all reviewers who leave a review within that time frame on iTunes will have their name tossed into a hat, once each, and we'll draw four names out. 

Each of those four names will win a $10 Movie Pass to your local theater--we have Carmike around here, but if you haven't something else, we'll make it happen.  Free movie for you, reviews for us!  No purchase necessary, you just have to have access to iTunes!  Good luck!

We welcome reviews from everyone and all over, but we can only ship the prizes to those in the United States.  Spouses, siblings, kids and parents of the three co-hosts, d$, Mikey & Pinky, and the two producers, Tommy and Shawn, are not eligible to win.

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