Friday, October 28, 2011

Episode xXx: State of the Podcast

There is no other way to celebrate the thirtieth episode of The Deucecast other than say that it's...
State of the Podcast

Welcoming Dr. Earl into the studio this week, we dive right into xXx with thoughts on "Three Muskateers"... "Welcome to Sarajevo"... "Summer in Genoa"... "Garden Party"... and Mikey and Dr. Earl watching Mute Math.  The show also dives into such topics as The Dark Tower's revival... Assassin's Creed with Scott Stapp... Tone Loc Watch... Demi Lovato's anthem... and Joss Whedon's latest...

Matty sold his Jetta!  Hear this on the up-and-up-but-only-sounds-sketchy story, plus there might be some changes for the Matt Fam soon.  Mikey talks about his first pony ride (and we don't mean the Ginuwine song "Pony") and d$ shares a few coffee stories.

Rob Zombie is the Music Minute topic, d$ unearths a great (and by great, we mean awful, and by awful we mean awesome) Nic Cage Buried Treasure, and we get some true life vampire education in the latest segment of "Dying with Dr. Earl".
This is posted specifically for Mikey to see and think about.  Yes,
Mikey, this might be under your bed.  Right now.  Go look.  Go ahead.
The Big Three scares up our favorite horror flicks, with nods to "28 Days Later"... "The Fly"... "The Shining"... "Phantasm"... and of course, our favorite clown scene, "Poltergeist".  And "Monsturd"?  Yep.  Monsturd.  Mikey gets scared.

And... Seagal Watch.

Join us next week, as we broadcast on Thursday--d$ gives a full Disney report... Mikey finds more crap to listen to... Matt begins his goodbye tour (?!)... and we talk about The Best Movies with Crappy Endings.... that's all on The Deucecast Ep XXXI:  The Podcast of Khan

Music Minute by Mike:
Buried Treasure by Dave:
Dave's Scary Reads:
The Big 3: The One Where We Talk About Movies that Scared the Crap Out of Us:
Roundtable Randomness:
Tone Loc of the Week:
Seagal of the Week:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Episode XXIX: The Podcast: Live Hard, Sell Hard

Pumpkin patches!  Clare Danes!  Petting Zoos and (B)Ryan Adams!  All in this week's episode of The Deucecast...

Mikey kicks it off with his kid's first pumpkin patch visit, while Matt relates his own kid at a petting zoo.  "Red State" is a movie that Mikey recommends, but not for his--or anyone's--kids, while Matt recommends Jet's Pizza in The Noog.  And d$?  He'd just like his wife to talk more about her feelings (!).

Mikey gives us a great music minute with a Canadian singer (which sounds great when doing that Robin Hood song), while Matt's Smorg concentrates on The Batman.

Man, I used to freakin' love this show
Our Big Three brings back those shows that were cancelled too soon, TV series that lasted less than a single season... Heather Locklear... Keen Eddie... John Doe... Donal Logue... Manimal... Kevin Peter Hall... they, and so much more... all get their due in this segment, plus a rant on why "My So Called Life" actually isn't a great series, and why it, in all actuality, sucked bigtime.

The roundtable brings us everything from Shia fighting to LiLo's probation, from Gugino in S.O.A. to the Dark Knight in IMAX, from Ahnold's Last Stand to d$'s thoughts on "Moneyball"... and lest we forget, "Grey's Anatomy" Watch!

Oh, and Steven Seagal.

Next week... Mikey's very special music minute... Matt's very filling smorgasbord... d$'s very deeply buried treasure... another segment of "Dying with Dr. Earl"... Our Big Three favorite scary movies... and so, so much more... on The Deucecast xXx:  State of the Podcast

The Music Minute brought to you by Mike:
Ashes & Fire - Ryan Adams
Amanda Leigh - Mandy Moore

Smörgåsbord brought to you by Matt:
Batman: Arkham City (PS3, XBOX 360)

The Big 3: The One Where The Deucecast Team Picks Their Favorite TV Shows That Where Cancelled Way Too Soon:
Mike's Choice - The Inside
Dave's Choice - Drive
Matt's Choice - Terriers
Shawn's Choice - Hello Kitty Becomes a Princess  Something really manly with guns and explosions.

Nic Cage & Carla Gugino Watch:
Snake Eyes

Seagal & Lindsey Lohan Watch:
Machete [Blu-ray]

Friday, October 14, 2011

Episode XXVIII: Hurricane Rhett & the Podcastly Hallows Part 2

Did ya miss us? You sure did.

Mikey, Matty and d$ are joined again by Hurricane Rhett, who blows through the studio like a levee in New Orleans. Immediately, however, the mood is mellowed out not by our topics, but by Marley's Mellow Mood, our beverage of the week. One that we don't recommend.

The discussions start quickly, going over Hurricane Rhett's skydiving experience... d$'s iPhone issues with The Silver Apple of Death... Mikey's foray back into Netflix... movies like "The Big Bang", "Middle Men" and "Real Steel"... love for Delroy Lindo... and an extensive, somewhat trying talk about Spotify....

A quick Roundtable goes through talks on Don Johnson... The Expendables 2... The Lone Ranger... the new Avengers trailer... Bond 23... and an extensive talk on the inconsistancies of "Con Air".

Mikey's Music Minute celebrates Wilco... Matty's digs up a classic video game... and d$ tosses aside John Williams for another movie composer who needs more recognition. Also, our first "Wisdom" mention.

In a Hairband Edition of Name That Crap, we go through the musical stylings of Rock and Roll legends like Warrant, Skid Row, Winger, White Lion and Rhett's favorite group, LA GUNS.

And in our Big Three, we score! Or, we list our favorite three Musical Scores...

And of course... Seagal Watch.

Join us next week as a Random Big Three gives us "The Big Three Things We've Wanted to Talk About On the Deucecast But Haven't Discussed Yet"... more music, more movies and more fun, all on The Deucecast Episode XXIX: PodcastHard.

Music Minute brought to you by Mike:
Wilco - The Whole Love

Smörgåsbord brought to you by Dave:
Movie Scores by Danny Elfman

Buried Treasure brought to you by Matt:
Golden Eye 007

The Big 3: The One Where the Deucecast Team Talks About Their Favorite Movie Scores With the Caveat That Star Wars Can Not Be Used:
Dave & Matt's Choice - The Last of the Mohicans (1992 Film) [Motion Picture Score]
Mike's Choice - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Rhett's Choice - The Matrix: Original Motion Picture Score
Shawn's Choice - Rhinestone

Seagal of the Week:

Music From The Films Of Steven Seagal: Hard To Kill (1990 Film) / Above The Law (1988 Film) / Out For Justice (1991 Film)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Episode XXVII: Stevie Seagal & the Podcastly Hallows Part I

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Once again, Mikey, Matty and d$ return for another excursion into podcastial excellence... we kick off the show with a nod to Steve Jobs, who passed away just hours before we went on the air, then a guzzle of the Cure for the Common Cola, the fizzy Dr. Wham.

The podcast then kicks into its usual comedic high gear, discussing Matt & his car woes, mostly because of that 2000 Jetta Starter... his opinions on "Killer Elite" and "Drive"... Shawn up in the house on his (il)legal equipment trades... d$'s baby update... thoughts on Sex in the City and the beauty of Sarah Jessica Parker... and Mikey pigs out at the Greek Festival on some- Gyro Meat (SLICED) 5lb.

We hit on some important Tone Loc news (like
Freedom Strike) and Demi Lovato news (like
Princess Protection Program)

... d$ talks about the latest fare in Christian movies,

Courageous... we talk about the possible Mortal Kombat revival, Wanted 2 and a Dead Island film... Matt gushes over more Zooey and our round up of TV successes and failures (Pan Am! The New Girl for the whole year! The Playboy Club gets shut down!)... is Arrested Development coming back?! The show and the rap group?!...

and finally, Mikey offends everyone with a discussion of Church of the Highlands.

The Music Minute takes on an incredibly ehhh journey with St. Vincent (buy that crap here -- Strange Mercy - St. Vincent) and Matt fills up the Potluck Smörgåsbord with The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set

The Buried Treasure unearths two brilliant films, that being the Oscar winning dark comedy Fargo (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging), and the Oscar winning Eastwood classic Unforgiven [Blu-ray]

And Our Big Three is all about specific actors... you know, actors picked by The Deucecast Co-Hoses for their other Co-Hosts to talk about on the podcast for no apparent reason other than to fill time... Matt picked Bill Paxton for Mikey, and Mikey nodded to A Simple Plan - Starring Bill Paxton... Mikey chose Hugh Grant for d$, and d$ gushed about his 14th favorite film of all time, that being Notting Hill [Blu-ray] - Starring Hugh Grant... finally, d$ gave Ving Rhames to Matt for discussion, so of course, Matt went with Mission Impossible III [Blu-ray]- Starring Ving Rhames

And its John Leguizamo takes on The Master, in our Seagal of the Week, featuring Executive Decision [Blu-ray]

Join us next week when Hurricane Rhett comes back to the studios for more rants, The Big Three features movie scores (but not including Star Wars!) and lots more awesomeness... all in The Deucecast Episode XVIII: Hurricane Rhetty and the Podcastly Hallows Part 2