Friday, March 8, 2013

Episode XCII: A Good Day to Pod Hard

Its our first Post-Oscar show, as Mikey & d$ are joined in-studio again by Jacob "Pinky" Pinkerton, movie aficionado and all around pleasant young man.

As always, the guys kick off the night with their weekly tasting of a new beverage... they try the drinks so you don't have to!  Mountain Dew Kickstart, the first real breakfast soda.  Yeah, that's right.

Mikey dishes on his band going experience in Tuscaloosa... d$ discusses baby woes... and Pinky talks about his movie star older brother Matthew who is featured in a local independent gem.

The guys also talk about important items like Star Wars rumored casting... "Planes" from Toon Disney... Marvel casting with Halle Berry, Chris Cooper and even some Chris Nolan's Justice League plans... Disney's Dapper Dans singing boy bands... The Cabin In The Woods... Pinky's lack of Evil Deadness... Side Effects... The Perks of Being a Wallflower... and Titanic 2, which Mikey hasn't seen--but will.

A great game of Rotten Tomatoes commences, with Mikey trying to keep his streak going... he also brings some great great music with a band called Kopecky Family Bans... while d$ cleanses our pallet with something truly classic... then leads into a wonderful Buried Treasure featuring the most famous R&B singer to ever come out of Trinidad.  That's a true statement.

There's an Oscar recap... Gary Busey returns... and leading into a new segment, The Big Three gives us Mikey & d$'s favorite wrestling superstars of all time... Sting!  Triple H!  JYD!  Piper!  DiBiase!  and many more!

In the first segment of The Squared Circle, the guys talk about the WWE, and d$ gives a brief history of the 1990s Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE.

And... Demi Lovato's new milestone, and the Deuce guys help her celebrate it!

Coming next week... The Good Doctor Earl makes his 2013 debut, with more music from Mikey... the best non-Rock motion pictures featuring wrestlers in the Big Three... the IMDb game... and Mikey's review of Titanic II, with d$'s review of The Artist.  That's next week on The Deucecast Episode XCIII: Argo Pod Yourself

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