Friday, September 21, 2012

Episode LXXI: The Pod & the Furious

Welcome back to The Pod & the Furious--The Deucecast Episode LXXI!  The Good Doctor Earl performs some surgery, cutting through all our crap and finding out the truth of things...

What does "Certified John Maguire" mean?
Find out on this very special episode!
Jumping right in, we discuss Shawn's workout and being seen... Mikey's trip to the movies... The Good Doctor Earl's new Italian spot... d$'s trip to Troy to see some football... and Shawn's new job... d$ busts up with a recent Buried Treasure... and we have to (grizzly) bear the crap that Mikey puts forth for his "Music Minute".  We dish on some Star Wars information, like usual, and discuss recently seen movies like "Finding Nemo"... "The Roommate"... "Haywire"... and "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka"... James Gunn's new directing gig..."Guardians of the Galaxy"... and we discuss the production of "Saving Mr. Banks", the new Disney/Poppins themed Disney film.

We introduce a new contest that we call "The IMDb Game", to great success!  Can you name the actor by the movies they have been in?  What if they are the obscure ones from back in the day...?  Find out!

The Big Three tosses out our favorite Independent Films of all time, with movies like "Cube" and "Memento" and of course, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". 

And don't forget, Demi Lovato!

Join us next week... we don't know the guests or the theme or the Big Three... but that's why it will be better!  It will be a surprise... perhaps for us too!

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