Thursday, October 4, 2012

Episode LXXII: Too Pod, Too Furious

Back in the groove after a week off, a brief hiatus, the boys are back in town... Shawn "DJ Phrenzy" Sharp joins us tonight with Tommy Mac on the keyboard producing, and we kick off with our last two weeks worth of life and living...

The Middle Eastern Festival and the Greek Festival were attended by us, and discussed here, plus d$'s love of grape leaves... baby talk and poopy talk as well... one of our sponsors gets a little edgy with their commercials... trailers for upcoming films like The Lone Ranger... a new Spiderman coming up... Fargo in a TV Show?... and Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars.

We watched a ton of films like Dredd... The Master... Looper... Mansome... The Five-Year Engagement... A Thousand Words... John Carter... a great documentary on athletes blowing hundreds of millions of dollars in Broke... and of course, some animated flick about birds.

A session of Reel or Unreel follows Mike's 80s Themed Music Minute and a new Buried Treasure with Steve Martin, and precedes The Big Three, our favorite death scenes--Samuel L. Jackson loses to a shark... some chick loses to a bus in The Marine... a dude loses to cockroaches in Creepshow... bad guys lose to God in Raiders of the Lost Ark... and even more death and destruction!

And next week... The Deucecast LXXIII: Too Pod, Too Furious: Maylene Drift!  Join us next Wednesday for our live taping!

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