Thursday, September 6, 2012

Episode LXIX: The Deucecast Saga: Podclipse

Welcome back... Hurricane Rhett!  We bring him in from time to time just to improve ratings, so hopefully it works!

We kick off the show as usual, with some Old Towne Chocolate Fudge Soda and some Old Towne Black Cherry Creme Soda... and its just as bad as you think it would be.

Michael Clarke Duncan, 1957 - 2012.  We salute you, John Coffey--like
the drink, only spelled different.  Rest in Peace.
Our week in awesome comes up, as we discuss topics like the NFL season... new college football rules... Hurricane Rhett's old dog's fate... Mikey's current dog's future fate... George Lucas's career and his housing... what happens if you live in a George Lucas owned apartment... the delay of Avatar at Disney World... why Star Wars would be a better fit... why Star Wars will be remembered longer than Harry Potter... Jim Carrey's new villain role... Mel Gibson's new villain role... Eddie Murphy's new TV role... the upcoming Paul Rudd/Leslie Mann movie "This is 40"... another John Williams discussion (Mikey thinks he is a no-talent hack) and of course, Demi Lovato...

We remember the career of Michael Clarke Duncan... Mikey brings some bearable Music Minute Music featuring Gary Clark Jr ... d$ busts out some classic Buried Treasure in the form of S Club 7 ... and we take on The Ryan Phillippe Game, with Reese Witherspoon! 

The Big Three takes on our favorite FOURTH films in a series... including the Pirates series... Mission: Impossible series... Star Trek ... Harry Potter ... Lethal Weapon ... and strangely enough, no Star Wars... wait, what?

And a spirited discussion on the future of Superman and a love of the old Christopher Reeve character.

Next week... more music!  more TV!   more Pop Culture!  more guests!  more Big Three!  more Star Wars!  The Deucecast Episode LXX: The Deucecast Saga: Breaking Wind. 

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