Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ep LXVIII: The Deucecast Saga, Podcast Moon

Here comes The Deucecast... the podcast sensation that's sweeping the nation... or at least, Inverness.  It's the 68th chapter of The Deucecast Saga, one we call "Podcast Moon", and this week, the guys invite in special guest Drew, but also the Boo of Drew, or maybe The Drew Boo... maybe Drew 2?  Kelsey Lately also visits the cast to bring her own chick perspective...

...on what, you might ask?  Oh, all the usual... like Mikey's whirlwind trip to Orlando and to Star Wars Celebration VI... his and his kid's visit to the zoo... and to Madagascar 3... Charlie Sheen's extended contract... Seth Green's new show... Michael Keaton as a villian... drinking Yum-E Tummies... Joss Whedon's pilot... the Demi Lovato's Tweet of the Week... Tone Loc's latest babymamadrama... and somehow, we spend ten minutes on the career of Kate Hudson.  Don't ask why, just go with it.

Mikey brings back a repeat offender to his Music Minute... we give you Minus the Bear.  Unfortunately, we can't be Minus the Segment, but hey, its all fun, right?  The guys team up to take on Kelsey Lately for a rousing game of "Battle of the Sexes", taking topics like Lancome's mascara brushes and HBK's nicknames.

Our Big Three discusses favorite on-screen couples, with movies like "Star Wars"... "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet"... "Roman Holiday"... "Mr & Mrs Smith"... and even more. 

More movies discussed include "Field of Dreams"... "Jack and Jill"... "Trespass"... and "Rio".

Next week, join the show when we take on The Big Three 4th Movies in a series... Mikey has more crap... a new Buried Treasure pops up... and more fun and frivolity... thats on The Deucecast Episode LXIX: The Deucecast Saga: Podcast Eclipse

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