Thursday, August 2, 2012

Episode LXIV: The Deucecast Beyond Thunderdome

Finally... the Wookiee... has come back... to The Deuuuuuuuuuucecast...

Thats right!  For the first time since Christmas 2011, Chris the Wookiee joins us in studio to round up the latest movie news, the latest Star Wars rumors, and even more.

THIS is the picture that keeps Mikey up at night
We kick the show off with Wookiee and his summer... the Olympics and our obsessive viewing... James Bond movie marathons... Larry Fishburne in the new Hannibal series (we aren't sure where Face, B.A. and Murdock are)...  Emma Stone's new role... Days of Future Past ... and Justin Beiber meets Star Wars.

Mikey's Music Minute featuring Emile Sande ... well, it sucks.  Let's just face it.  But what doesn't suck is the great Buried Treasure we present to you... and we kick off a great round of Simple Star Wars Trivia, and Mikey finally ends up with some success!  Go Mikey!!

Our Big Three takes on favorite athletes in movie roles, and we talk about such icons as Howie Long ... The Boz ... The Shaq ... The Hulk Hogan ... The Harry Doyle ... and so much more! 

And we can't get away from a little controversy, as we discuss the ribbons on Aurora, Colorado and the Batman incident. 

And, of course... William Devane .

Next week!  For the first time, we invite in The Honorable Reverend Ty Sharpton Coffey, as he brings his love for people, places, and loud laughter... Mikey has more crap, d$ has more awesomeness and our Big Three returns with a great Ty-friendly topic our favorite political thriller movies... that's next week on The Deucecast Episode LXV: The Podcast Begins

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