Friday, May 6, 2011

Episode V: The Empire Casts Back

This week, Matt, Mikey and d$ are joined by The Good Dr. Earl, as we UStream for the first time...

If you download The Deucecast Episode V: The Empire Casts Back (and you should), here's some of the stuff you'll hear about...

How you can help in tornado relief... Sheen's efforts at relief with Torpedos Against Tornados... gettin' Osama... Mikey's anniversary... Matt's list of movies where the kids overcome the adults, including "Toy Soldiers"... the differences in e-cigs and smokeless cigs... the toolness of using either e-cigs or smokeless cigs... a brief discussion on the films of Rodney Dangerfield... d$'s 251st favorite film of all time... a rousing round of Show or Faux... breaking down and recalling the greatness of both The New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, including why NKOTBSB sounds like a medical condition... and Dr. Earl's Medical Minutae with his take on the endocrinatic threats of Gary Busey...

plus, lots and lots of Star Wars information including... Star Wars Land? Huh?!

And... Seagal Watch...

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Next week! The Deucecast Ep VI: Podcast of the Jedi...


  1. One of the best guys! Only one note: The player on the website...if you pause the track, it starts you over at the beginning when you hit play, and there is no way to find your spot!

  2. Always an honor to hear good things from the First Lady herself! Thanks for the feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience, and changing the player is high on the list for the site. We'll be keeping those particular things in mind during the next staff website-planning/team-building/primitive-camping retreat.