Friday, May 13, 2011

Episode VI: Podcast of the Jedi

This week, we have Justin Fisher, author of the Deuce Weekly Best Seller "I Can't Even Walk (without you holding my hand)" in studio (click on the link below to buy it through our site on Amazon... give them $15 and we get a nickel!), and during the show, we riff on "Thor"... Twitter's "Fail Whale"... another Sheen update... the smothering of 3D movies... the massacre of Fox tv shows... the new Narnia movie... a quick review of Hobo with a Shotgun... The Kings Speech... a new game from Matt called "Review Stew"... For the Chicks, a review of a recent chick flick... fun with a heat gun and a PS3...

Plus... another episode of Seagal Watch

AND--BONUS CONTENT... if you haven't seen "Thor", you might want to stop listening when you hear the closing music.  If you have seen "Thor", keep listening through the closing music, where we'll come back and go into a deeper, spoiler filled review of "Thor", discussing the mythology, the comics vs. the movie and a love (and hate) of other comic book films.

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