Friday, April 29, 2011

Episode IV: A New Podcast

In the wake of the terrible storms that tore through Alabama this week, The Deucecast aims to bring a little humor to your life... so listen and laugh a lot.On this week's episode, you'll hear discussions and thoughts on: Network weather coverage... Princess Di... The Playstation Outage... Matt's problem with Fro-Yo... Liam Neeson... Hanna... Silver Bullet with Corey Haim... Season of the Witch with Nic Cage... Boomerang with Eddie Murphy... Antoine Dodson's grass... The "Terminator" legacy... Sly Stallone & HGH... Who makes the best Punisher... Fast Five... the Films of Rutger Hauer (let's be real... where else will you get "The Films of Rutger Hauer" as a topic?)... and, of course:

This Week in Steven Seagal.

And much more.

Here's links from the show... click any of these, buy anything from Amazon, put a few pennies in our pockets!

The Deuce Approved Stuff Some People Would Call Music

The Deuce Approved Stuff to Watch

The Deuce Approved Seagal Movie of the Week

The Deuce Approved Video Games

The Beastie Boys' "Make Some Noise"

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