Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Episode 259: The (Not) 2016 Top Ten

The year of 2016 produced some great films, but there were many seen by Mikey, Dave and Pinky that they considered great as well.  So while the guys are still finishing up their 2016 Best Of lists, they also wanted to mention the other films not in 2016 that were seen in 2016 but weren't from 2016, but were seen in 2016.  Capeche?  Good.

And back to the show a big warm welcome goes to Remodeling Clay Shaver, host of the Remodeling Clay podcast (find on iTunes, drops every Thursday!), as he is here to give his list as well.

Birthday movies proves what a dearth of good films are out in January, and a round of Denzel shows how tough James Franco and Seth Rogen films can be.

Then, the Not 2016 Top Ten, with final reviews and more love lavished on Brie Larson for her turn as a captured mother... on Kurt Russell for fighting off the cannibals... for Ben Stiller in a Baumbach underrated film... on Phillip Seymour Hoffman for bedding Marisa Tomei... on Ben Affleck for the heists and the Amy-chasing... and so much more.

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