Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Episode 254: Family Gatherings

It's the holiday season, and whoop de doo, and hickory dock... Mikey, Dave, and Pinky are kicking off the Christmas month with Friend of the Show, the Delightful Lifer herself, Disney mogul and mom to (insert insane number here), Jennifer Kaufman!

First up, it's a Holly Jolly themed round of bDMI, aka, "Reverse IMDb"!  Reading the names of the actors listed in a Christmas film, as appearing on IMDb's movie pages, you get to name that film!

Then, onto family gatherings... and the interpretation of the topic is varied.  Some lists are "family dinner scenes", other lists are "movies where families come together" and still others are just "family scenes"...

Enjoy families celebrated in movies like The Wedding Crashers... The Descendants... Guess Who's Coming to Dinner... The Royal Tenenbaums... and even Beetlejuice and... Indiana Jones?

Plus, some Disney chatter... starting a Disney podcast and listening to any other podcasts... updates on building Kaufman's Top 100... how the movie watching goals are faring...

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