Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Episode 209: The Not-2015 Top Ten of 2015

Some of the discoveries you'll make on this episode of The Deucecast
Move Show
Every year, Mikey, Pinky & Dave talk about movies seen, and when January rolls around, it's time to talk about the movies seen that stood out.

The Top Ten of 2015 Films is an episode to come, but there are a lot of movies that were seen in 2015 that were actually NOT from 2015.  Thus... the NOT 2015 Top Ten of 2015!

The top ten favorite films of Mikey, Pinky & Dave that they watched last year that weren't actually from last year!

First, before that can kick off, a rousing round of Box Office Mojo, guessing the all time money making films both worldwide and adjusted for inflation.

And then, the countdown begins. Overviews of new found love for films that feature a TechnoRetro Dad host Shaz selection... a creepy show that Mikey fell for... a tie for Dave with films that star Brie Larson... a growing affection for Elizbeth Olsen... Pinky's favorite fun documentary... the saddest film that perhaps any of us have ever seen... Jennifer Aniston getting some love on some lists... and...

...the discovery of the real Magnolia fan in the room.

Plus, Mikey is known for his love of Dan Stevens.  Yet... there is another man muscling into Mikey's mancrush heart.

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