Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Episode 210: The 2016 Movie Preview (and Top 100 Review)

Two big segments on the show this week!  Mikey, Pinky & Dave have a host-filled episode with no one else in studio but Producer Tommy holding down the keyboard, monitor and brass section.  And of course, Producer Shawn, always on the Annex Couch, first to arrive and last to leave.  Thank you, Producer Shawn, for your hard work and dedication to the cause of Deucentertainment.

A little "Stay Seated // Walk Out" discussion brings us answers to the questions of "Will Quentin Tarantino actually retire after his 10th film?" and "Have we had enough of Brad & Jen?" and "Should JJ Abrams be bought for reviving a huge Marvel franchise?"

And what franchise could JJ take over that would save it from the depths of suck?

The summer movie preview takes a gander at upcoming big films and Mike, Pinky & Dave's takes on them...

Chats commence about Benedict Cumberbatch in "Dr. Strange"... "Neighbors 2" with Seth Rogen & Zac Efron... the obligation to see "Batman v  Superman: Dawn of Justice"... love for Emily Blunt in "Girl on the Train"... some Clooney film called "Money Monster"... prospects for the chick "Ghostbusters"... how Pinky HATES "Ghostbusters"... Tom Hanks latest Oscar grab... the most tongue-in-cheek Marvel film to date... Jennifer Lawrence and Hugh Jackman begin wrapping up their time in the X-Universe... the latest Da Vinci Code movie... Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling re-team... Pixar's "Finding Nemo"... Matt McConaughy in a Civil War drama... excitement for "Suicide Squad"... the mixed opinions on the new "Star Trek" films... Jeff Goldblum in "ID Resurgence"... hopes for Billy Zane in "Zoolander Eye Eye"... Disney's "Moana" & "Zootopia" and the Disney-like "Secret Life of Pets"...

Also, featuring a lengthy conversation on returning to the world of Harry Potter in "Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them".  Is JK Rowling doing too much?  What are the prospects for success?  Will it succeed or fail?

More thoughts on "Captain America Civil War", asking the heartbreaking question "...Captain America is fighting Iron Man?" and how massive this will be.

"Rogue One" and the label of "A Star Wars Story"... will it help?  And is Biggs Darklighter making a real appearance?

Then, the show shifts to a quick overview of the Top 100 so far... what movies will need to go in upon further review?  "Nightcrawler"?  "Thank You For Smoking"?  "Leap Year" with Amy Adams?
What movies might fall out of the lists?  Movies that are more about nostalgia like "Monty Python & the Holy Grail" or movies that are good for one viewing like "The Godfather" or movies that can just be bumped, like "Dogma".

And then movies that are too recent to count, but could easily find their way into the Top 100 lists, movies like "Mad Max Fury Road", or movies that need to move up the lists, like "Fargo".

Finally... Pinky gives the films that he thinks will make it into his new Top 100 list.  Its about 100 films long.  Stay tuned.

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