Monday, January 4, 2016

Episode 206: All Time Top 100... 20 through 11

It's getting ever closer, that being the All Time Top 100 favorite movies of Mikey, Pinky & d$... but first, the ten movies that lead up to it.

James Cameron gets some love with a waterlogged sci-fi film... Spielberg gets love with two films on two lists... Indiana Jones makes an appearance... Mikey has to defend really crappy movies like Dune... a great romantic comedy with a Bill Withers tune... the difference in Diehard and Diehard 2... the great music from a Daniel Day-Lewis classic... Tarantino meets Uma... Mikey gives you a few movies you can't refuse...

And the guys spend not only ten minutes on a Bryan Adams 90s tune, but also a huge Celine Dion hit from the late 90s.

Plus... hear Mikey use the phrase "F me, he cleared it!" and Pinky say, "It's a great love story! And at the end, you get to see a boat sink!"

The numbers get smaller and the movies get bigger!

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