Friday, April 19, 2013

Episode XCVIII: Pod & Podderer: When Mikey Met d$

It's another step closer to silencing the critics who said we'd never make it to 100... or those who never said we'd make it to 10.  That includes Hurricane Rhett, who joins us tonight for our 98th journey into the airwaves of eternal podcastial lore and love.

We kick it off by answering the age ol' question... can you still poke on Facebook?  d$ finds out.  We hear another word from our sponsor, and we begin our regaling of sordid tales of StadiumFest and if Switchfoot ducked the Jesus word... what is the name of that Christian clown guy?!.... more trips to the zoo for Mikey and the family... K-Mart's brilliant, edgy ad (and whether we've ever heard the words "edgy", "brilliant" and "K-Mart" in concurrent usage in a sentence... the difference in bike helmets and storm helmets... and McDonald's customer service problem.

Mikey has some band that sounds like a mexican Lisa Loeb... d$ has not one, but TWO palet cleansers... and we dive into the Final Four of the Awesome Bracket...

Movies discussed tonight include "The Place Beyond the Pines"... "Green Lantern" (!)... "American Loser"... "Django Unchained"... "The Campaign"... and the possibility of Dr. Earl's favorite movie getting a sequel... that's right, the Terrance Malick/Method Man collaboration of a possible second "How High" movie.

Our Big Three gives us our favorite TV Finales of All Time, including thoughts on BSG... Lost... 24... Wonder Years and more...

Plus, we dig on Disney's plans for more and more Star Wars... the prospect of the Justice League movie... the upcoming Superman film and its lack of kryptonite... the love of The Clone Wars... more rants on Facebook moms... Psy's new cut... Ryan Gosling and ninjas...

And of course... Demi Lovato

Plus?   Seagal Watch

Join us next week for Mikey's Musical Crap, the finals of the Awesome Bracket, Our Summer Movie Preview and more, as our pre-century episode happens... Dr. Earl up in the HIZZZAY on The Deucecast Episode XCIX: Dr StrangePod:  Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deuce

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