Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Episode XCVI: No Pods Barred

It's a host-filled episode once again, as the boys decide to shed the burden of silly rants... goofy diagnoses... and dumb junior ideals.  Mikey and d$ own the mics again, daring anyone to stop their steam train of average intelligence and wholesome mediocrity!

I don't even know what any of that means...

Topics include GI Joe Retaliation, and a performance by RZA that should be nominated for a Razzie like, tomorrow... The Rock's arm butter... feeding homeless people over Easter... dieting... Mikey's former heart surgery diet (even though he's never come close to heart surgery)... some dude named Todd English... watching guys puke after drinking 18 year old Crystal Pepsi... and the pros and cons of Del Taco coming to Birmingham soon...

Mike's Music Minute serves up some vintage crappery, including Thom Yorke and Atoms For Peace.  He's a creep. He's a weirdo.  What's he doing here?  He don't belong here.  He don't belong here.

The WWE takes centerstage as the guys discuss their favorite wrestling matches of all time, including Shawn Michaels taking on Razor Ramon... Hulk vs. Ultimate Warrior... Andre the Giant agreeing to put Hulk Hogan "Over" in WrestleMania III... the joy of the Elimination Chamber... and the very first Clash of the Champions, featuring Sting vs Ric Flair (notably, the last match ever on WCW Nitro in September of 2000)

Other news includes "Finding Dory", the new Pixar sequal to "Finding Nemo"... the Hall of Iron Man Armor at Disneyland... Lex Luthor making an appearance in "Man of Steel"... Will Arnett in Michael Bay's TMNT... Wooderson in "Interstellar"... Fast 6... and the closing of Lucas Arts.  Sad day.

The 2nd Round of The Big Bracket is complete, as Mikey & d$ discuss surprises like Metallica over Pearl Jam and The Shawshank Redemption over Optimus Prime... tough battles like The WWE taking on The Walking Dead... and big Sweet Sixteen battles, like the aforementioned Shawshank Redemption vs. The Empire Strikes Back--and which is more awesome.

And what show would be complete without Demi?  Not ours.

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