Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Episode LXII: Pod Force One

U-S-A!  U-S-A!

Celebrate America with The Deucecast, as we have some fireworks of our own!  Like Katy Perry , baby we are fireworks.  We kick off the show by guzzling some Warhead Sour Apple liquidy stuff that tasted terrible.  We also welcome in Big Tom to the show, the final Deuce Guy to make an appearance.  With Shawn also on mic, and Tommy on computer, then The Right Reverend Ty Coffey making a random appearance, it is a full Deuce celebration!

We discuss the Pure Moods old CDs... Tom and his daughter headed to Alabama Water World Adventures... d$ DJ's a wedding and leaves out the most important song... Mikey spends some time at the theater... and Shawn reveals his upcoming major photo job!  We also dish on Tom & Katie... some movie casting news... Andy Griffith's death... The Amazing Spiderman... Moonrise Kingdom... and even more.

Mikey shares some Dub Stepping (?), and d$ shares the final part of The Americana Buried Treasure Series... with a super, duper 35 hit wonder

The guys then play a new game about America called "Awesome American or Commie", where we determine who is truly born on American soil and who is... well, a commie.

Then the dudes share their favorite American songs for their favorite American soundtracks... we share everything from Guns N Roses ... Jimi Hendrix ... some Footloose music... Martina McBride and even more!

Even though we are taking a week off... we won't leave you hanging!  Next week... The Best of Hurricane Rhett... and coming up, we'll be doing the latest DeuceTrax on the Sly Stallone classic "Daylight".    And soon, The Deucecast Episode LXIII:  The Garden of the Podcast of Good and Evil.

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