Thursday, May 31, 2012

Episode LVII: Indiana Dave and the Podcast of the Crystal Skull

Sometimes, when Mike and d$ have Hurricane Rhett in the studio, Mike and d$ sit back and ask themselves "What could be better than having one Barnett on the show?"  That question was answered for us on The Deucecast Episode LVII:  Indiana Dave and the Podcast of the Crystal Skull... the answer to that age-old query of "What is better than one Barnett" is quite simply... "Two Barnetts".

That's right, Hurricane Rhett and his boo Amarylis join us in studio to crack wise, get funny with the ha ha and add to what is already an exceptional hour and change in podcast excellence. 

Its the 1980s Borat!  What a country!!!
The group kicks off the show with discussions on losing power... taking the kids to Atlanta... the new Earth Fare healthy supermarket... the alternatives to Scotty's space burial... visiting Branson, Missouri... and the crime of missing Yakov Smirnoff...

Other topics discuss more Star Wars... a Twitter slap from Charlie to Jack... a viewing of Tower Heist... the box office prowess of The Avengers... and the return of one of Mikey's favorite kiddy cartoons.

Mikey brings the crappy music once again with more Alabama Shakes... and d$ continues his Buried Treasure series with Part II of the Forgotten American Treasures with a huge group from the 80s that is largely missing from America's current culture. 

Rhett's Rants blows through the studio like a Hurricane, and once again, no one is disappointed... topics this time include gated communities... cute animals on Facebook... grown men and their ponytails... inspirational captions on Facebook... and pretty much any stay-at-home mom with too much time on their hands when it comes to Facebook postings all day long. 

The Big Three jumps in on more misery with the worst acting performances we've ever seen, including stellar bad turns from the likes of Kevin Costner... Tom Hanks... Vince Vaughn... and even the likes of legends like Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman... oh, and somebody doing a horrible Michael Jackson impersonation.  Too soon?

Don't forget to join us next week when Steph Rector makes her return appearance, with our Big Three being Favorite Happy Songs.  Plus, another edition of Forgotten American Treasures from d$, more crap from Mikey... and more fun in The Deucecast Episode LVIII: The Podcast Identity

Mike's Music Minute: Boys & Girls - Alabama Shakes

Dave's Buried Treasure: 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of The Jets

The Big 3: The One Where We Discuss The Worst Acting Performances Ever:
Dave's Choice - Howie Long in Broken Arrow [Blu-ray]
Mike's Choice - David Caruso in Jade [Blu-ray]
Rhett's Choice Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 (15th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]
Amarilys's Choice - Michael Jackson in This Is It [Blu-ray]

Roundtable Randomness:
Yakov Smirnoff - Just Off The Boat: Recorded Live In Branson, Missouri 1994
Men in Black (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

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